Tips for doing your own foresight.

3 factors that increase happiness with foresight work

Jul 1, 2021

This blog is based on a survey we ran on foresight best practices. To no surprise, people on average are somewhat satisfied with the practices on foresight and futures work in their own organization. As in any many statistics, averages are not great indicators of... well, anything.

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How to get started with corporate foresight [a futurist's formula]

Jun 15, 2021

"In the past, we've been confident about how the future might play out. And because of that, we've been able to reach a consensus about how to proceed. That's the realm of ordinary leadership. It's also the realm of tame problems."

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Collaborative foresight – two proven models to get people involved

Oct 23, 2020

One of the most common questions we hear from foresight managers looking to develop foresight in their company is the following: How do I involve more people in our foresight work?

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Strategic management – past, present, and future

Feb 12, 2019

Where is strategic management headed? I have shared my views about the past, present, and future of strategic management in dozens of presentations, hundreds of discussions, numerous investment negotiations, and more.

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Using foresight for innovation

Nov 1, 2018

In order to detect the early signs of disruptive forces - to out-think your competition - I think a systematic way of getting new inputs is crucial. A key use case of foresight work is to place trend implications on long-term strategic horizons and to use this as input for your own strategic positioning.

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Leadership thoughts from the round pen

A while ago I had an opportunity to attend a horse-assisted leadership coaching session where the focus of the session was to motivate, communicate and listen to someone that has no hidden motivation or choice of using verbal language = get the horse on-board what you want to do.

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Stay relevant with a future less foggy

Sep 12, 2018

We all know about it. We all should do it. Before everyone else does it. Before everyone else is where we want to be. Before they take over the world and we are left behind. Do what?

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Futures thinking as a tool: create desire for change

On one September Friday, we sat down with a few colleagues and discussed change and change management (we always do, we're all passionate about this!). I started to wonder how futures thinking could serve as a tool for clarifying the need of change...

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