Store signals in one convenient location

House all your trend data under one roof. Easily add content from various sources, and invite others for crowdsourced inputs.

Web clipper

Store any online article to FIBRES with just one click! View, comment, and annotate content directly on the platform.

Simple content templates

Managing trend items is easy. Just click to estimate impact strength, timing and impacted domains, and the data will be automatically shown on your Trend Radar.

External trend data

We can set you up for automated inputs from integrated databases and free web sources, either as direct data feeds or via intelligent content suggestions and pre-filtered feeds.

FIBRES Network

Easily connect and cluster inputs

Create a clear picture of trends that impact your business. FIBRES’ purpose-built features make connecting and clustering incoming inputs simple and fun.

Content linkages

Creating connections between content will help you and your colleagues navigate through data, and to elaborate over the possible impacts for your business.

Natural language processing

Get suggestions on possible content linkages based on automated natural language processing. Easily spot unlinked content so that signals don’t get lost in the haystack.

Flexible content structuring

See the forest for the trees with FIBRES’ content structuring options. Mark a content piece as a signal, signal cluster, trend or megatrend with a click of a button – and restructure when needed.

Share foresight within your organization

FIBRES’ beautiful summary views inspire strategic discussions, and help bring foresight into the heart of business development and innovation.

Trend Radar

Easily communicate the summary understanding of high-level trends headed your way at one glance. Automatically created based on the trend impact assessments made by you.

Trend Network

Visually explore all the content and linkages in your FIBRES! A feature loved by many of our customers for discovering the vast array of trends and interconnected news.

Custom data collections

Hand-pick content for different groups, e.g. domain-specific summaries for business development experts, or alternative future scenarios for strategy teams and board members.

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