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Mapping forces of change in the energy sector

Oct 11, 2022

Energy companies play an important role in keeping our houses warm and economies running. From the rise of clean energy to the fall of fossil fuels, the energy sector has seen its share of disruption in the past decade or so.

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Using foresight to come up with an unforeseen business idea

Jul 31, 2022

How to induce creative power amongst students looking to create the next big thing? This was the challenge faced by two guest lecturers teaching a course on innovation management. The solution? Introducing the students to selected foresight methodologies.

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Establishing a structured way to monitor signals and trends

Jul 22, 2022

How to build a compelling futures narrative from industry news? A major European logistics company found it was difficult to do without a dedicated foresight tool. In this story, their strategy manager shares how FIBRES helped them enhance their signal and trend monitoring.

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Structuring future insights with the help of a foresight tool

Jun 15, 2022

Steve Wells is a futurist and keynote speaker who advises his customers about future change. Over the years, Steve has compiled an impressive collection of future insights, like descriptions of future trends and change factors.

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Going from hundreds of signals to a tourism trend radar

May 13, 2022

There's a lot of information on tourism trends globally – but which ones are relevant for tourism in the Baltic Sea? That's what 7 researchers and students set out to discover with the help of FIBRES.

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Running an 80 person scouting network to spot relevant trends

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of advanced powertrain technologies and electrification solutions, has a long tradition of trend scouting and horizon scanning. The company has a global network of trend scouts, whose main job is to provide decision-makers and innovators in the organization with a comprehensive view of market and technology trends.

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Doing collaborative futuring at an automotive company

Individual car models are planned, designed, manufactured, and used over a very long time. This means that the car industry has to be able to see past the most obvious trends of today in a very early stage of the product development cycle.

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Mapping the future of a technology during its hype period

Researcher Mats Nylund used FIBRES for a project researching the potential of blockchain. We asked Mats to share some thoughts about the foresight and market tracking they did in the project.

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