Organizing for foresight – best practices for building in-house foresight capabilities

35 min webinar recording

You know staying on top of your changing market environment is crucial. But how to engage your organization for collaboration over new insights in practice? What are the best practices for building in-house foresight capabilities?


How to ensure futures work in your organization

23 min webinar recording in Finnish

Katso tämä webinaari oppiaksesi:

  • Miksi perinteiset markkinaseurannan tavat eivät enää toimi?
  • Miksi niin monet panostavat ennakointityyppiseen työskentelyyn juuri nyt?
  • Miten ennakointityö pitäisi organisoida, miten varmistaa sen hyödyt?


Strategic foresight and innovation as tools for building a competitive future

37 min webinar recording

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What is strategic foresight and why is it important?
  • Our experience on where foresight work itself may be heading [22:00]
  • How to initiate a foresight process in your organisation? [28:00]



Foresight best practices

Downloadable survey summary report

In this research report:

  • What are the differences between organizations that are satisfied with their work on foresight and the ones that are not that satisfied?
  • Which activities have the highest impact on our respondents being satisfied with the work?
  • Can we identify different sets of activities that seem to contribute the most?

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Foresight as part of strategic management

Downloadable survey summary report

In this research report:

  • How are companies preparing for futures, and who takes part in such work?
  • What sources of information are being used?
  • How about giving inputs to innovation work?

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Continuous foresight – How to make it work for your organization

25 min podcast session: FIBRES CEO Panu Kause interviewed by Gartner's Marty Resnick

Here’s a riddle for you: What comes first – foresight or innovation? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. FIBRES Online CEO Panu Kause joins Continuous Foresight hosts Marty Resnick and Kevin Gabbard to not only solve that riddle, but help you solve how to best put continuous foresight to work for you and your organization.


Future of Intelligent Foresight Systems

19 min podcast session: FIBRES CEO Panu Kause interviewed by Informing Choices' Steve Wells

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Collaborative foresight – How to involve people in foresight?

One of the most common questions we hear from foresight managers looking to develop foresight in their company is the following: How do I involve more people in our foresight work?

From what we’ve seen, most organizations who succeed at collaborative foresight, employ one of two organizational models to make it happen: the centrally-led model or the centrally-inspired model for foresight.

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Strategic management: past, present and future

In this blog post:

  • Where did strategic management evolve from?
  • How is strategic management done currently?
  • Where is strategic management headed?

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