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How AI and humans can team up for a winning combo in foresight

In this 25-minute keynote, FIBRES CEO Panu Kause shares how humans and AI can work together in corporate foresight.


2 minute habits for 200 years of success

A keynote with Panu Kause on starting a foresight process based on the 3 horizons framework.

How Aurecon does foresight

Aurecon uses FIBRES to run their foresight process. In these 10 videos, their futures research lead Noriko Wynn walks through the way they do foresight, complete with goals, roles, workflows, best practices, learnings, and more.

Speaker Kit_dtim-fibres

5 ground rules for organizing for foresight

Panu’s keynote focuses on the best practices of building a continuous foresight activity in a corporate setting. The presentation builds on years of practical experience from many corporate environments, and on the results from our focused foresight practitioner surveys.


Lead with foresight: How to connect foresight to action

A webinar with Steve Wells and Panu Kause.

How to build an effective foresight process

How to build a continuous foresight process that works? Watch this webinar with FIBRES CEO Panu Kause to understand what roles, structures, and mindsets are needed for organizing for foresight.

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