Foresight tool for futures understanding in the public sector

Governmental and third sector organizations need to understand where the world is headed to build better policies and make a larger impact. That's where foresight and FIBRES comes in.



In today's rapidly changing world, it is essential for public sector organizations to have a clear understanding of where the future is headed. With so many economic, social, and technological developments constantly taking place, it can be difficult for policymakers to keep up.

This is where foresight comes in – the ability to anticipate trends and identify potential challenges before they become major issues.

Anticipate with trends with foresight

By investing in foresight, public sector organizations can make informed decisions that will benefit both their citizens and their own operations. From predicting demographic changes to analyzing the impact of emerging technologies, foresight is a crucial tool for any policymaker looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Organize your foresight process with FIBRES

With FIBRES as their foresight tool, public sector organizations are able to organize their own foresight process for keeping track of signals and making sense of  new developments before they unfold, allowing them to react in time.

Sources you already follow can be integrated with FIBRES for automatic inputs, so you never again miss a thing. Ultimately, you will be creating a comprehensive trend library that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Apply your own metadata and build trend radars

But FIBRES is more than just a trend library – it's a powerful tool for analyzing and visualizing your data. With customizable classification and tagging options, you can easily filter through your trends and identify the most important ones.

Plus, with the ability to create trend radars with your own categories, you can easily share a view of the most important trends headed your way.

Involve people from around your organization

But the real power of FIBRES lies in its collaboration capabilities. With the ability to invite team members, clients, and partners, you can work together to identify trends and make informed decisions. Plus, with customizable user rights levels, you can ensure that each team member has access to the information they need to succeed.

Try the FIBRES foresight tool today

Gone are the days of relying on external sources for trend information – with FIBRES, you are in complete control of your own foresight. By collecting your own signals, you can gain a deeper understanding of the changes around you and make informed decisions for the future.

So why wait? Give FIBRES a try with our 30-day free trial and see how it can revolutionize the way you approach foresight. With FIBRES, the future is in your hands.

Prices starting at €960 per year

Start small and roll out when you're ready to. Find the right plan for your need.

What's in the box

Essential features to support your in-house foresight needs.
Trend database builder

Collaborate with your team to create a database full of signals and trends that are relevant to you.

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Trend radar builder

Create interactive trend radars with your own trends and categories to share with your stakeholders.

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Horizon scanning tool

Follow a feed of signals from your trusted sources and widen your perspectives with AI-suggested inputs.

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Trend mapping tool

Discover the interconnections between your future topics in a captivating and visually stunning trend network.

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Ready to dive in?

Start your free trial today.

30 days free use

You have a full month to try out FIBRES without any obligations or commitments.

Invite your team

Invite unlimited colleagues during your trial so you can explore FIBRES together.

Fits your need

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Why use FIBRES?

Building up your foresight capabilities can be an uphill task without the right tools. FIBRES helps you start a continuous foresight process – and keep it going.

Everything in one place

Don't let those nuggets of wisdom slip away. FIBRES is the ultimate destination for your weak signals, trends, technologies, radars,  and scenarios so that you'll never again miss a thing.

Fitted to your need

Every foresight process is unique and deserves to be treated that way. That's why we fit our tool to your needs, not the other way around. And you have a full month to test it out.

Bring your own inputs

Are there go-to sources that you rely on for the latest updates? Perhaps it's a trusted website, an RSS feed, or a Google alert? Well, let FIBRES do the heavy lifting with automatic inputs from your favorite sources.

Get the best of AI

Let intelligent AI capabilities simplify your work. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies has never been easier. Utilize AI to source, cluster, and make sense of information effortlessly.

Easy to use for all

Our foresight tool is designed for all, regardless of your level of expertise. With its user-friendly interface, you'll intuitively navigate through its features and uncover its potential.

Great support

Our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your foresight work, we provide expert guidance and assistance to help you succeed.

The tool for building your own futures intelligence

Do you need to collect signals and make sense of future topics for strategy, innovation, or R&D? Then FIBRES is the foresight tool for you. It's used by corporations and consultancies for building their own futures intelligence.

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