About us

Our mission at FIBRES is to help corporations and consultancies succeed with foresight.

In the olden days, change used to be linear. 

Doing the same thing more efficiently, affordably, or aesthetically was enough to sway the buyer and grab market share.

Today, change is exponential. The market changes rapidly, and new competition emerges across industry boundaries. Traditional market research fails to give reliable results.

Foresight methodologies – collecting weak signals, identifying future trends, and building alternative scenarios – are a must-have for companies who want to stay relevant in the less predictable, and faster changing environment.

Proper tools for efficient foresight have lacked. Many organizations find themselves paying consultants for general foresight, or collecting signals by hand and compiling insights into slide decks or spreadsheets.

We wanted to build a foresight tool that makes it easy for companies to collect signals, make sense of trends, and share those insights within the whole organization – in short, to build a foresight function that matters.


FIBRES to this day


2010: FIBRES is founded as a future consultancy

At the beginning of our journey, we helped companies do what they now can achieve with FIBRES: scout for new opportunities, recognize new trends, and future proof their business.


2016: First version of FIBRES tool is born to support consultancy work

Noticing that few tools existed to support foresight work, we started to build one of our own. Saving signals in one place, a core feature of FIBRES today, is born.


2017: FIBRES transforms into a SaaS foresight platform

Getting accepted into the Stuttgart Autobahn Startup Accelerator Program, and starting a co-creation effort with Daimler, a leading actor in the foresight space, supercharge our transformation into a SaaS business.


2020: A new growth phase is begun backed by angel investors

Bootstrapping the business thus far, FIBRES is ready to take its first round of external investment. Together with our investors and customers, we’re building FIBRES into the best platform for efficient foresight work.


Your team at FIBRES

Panu Kause

CEO, Co-founder

Esa Heikkinen

CTO, Co-founder

Milla Lappalainen

Head of Marketing

Bashkim Meka

Software developer

Blerton Rexha

Software developer

Lirim Beka

Software developer


Where to find us


Fredrikinkatu 61 A 54
00100 Helsinki, Finland





The platform for teams who want to create their own foresight

Forget one-time market research and trend reports. Major corporations and consultancies use FIBRES to make sense of their future operating environment. Continuously, together with their team.


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