Our 4 principles for foresight

We envision foresight as a continuous and collaborative effort aided by technology and tied to business planning and innovation. These are the principles we swear by when developing the FIBRES foresight software.

1. Continuous

Scouting for future opportunities should be done continuously. In our dream world, weak signals are collected and analyzed at all times, and strategy or action plans adjusted accordingly.

2. Tied to action

Doing foresight work as a standalone effort is of little help. We’ve built our tool with the intention that foresight is meant to be shared and used throughout the organization in strategy and innovation work.


3. Collaborative and transparent

Organizations are full of smart people who should get to impact foresight and strategy work. We believe companies can become better by involving more people, and with FIBRES, you can do just that.

4. Lead by humans, powered by AI

Technology is a powerful aid when sourcing for signals and clustering inputs. Humans remain unbeatable in making sense of the collected data. Our solution leaves room for both.


Company path to today



FIBRES is founded as a future consultancy

At the beginning of our journey, we helped companies do what they now can achieve with FIBRES: scout for new opportunities, recognize new trends, and future proof their business.


First version of FIBRES tool is born to support consultancy work

Noticing that few tools existed to support foresight work, we started to build one of our own. Saving signals in one place, a core feature of FIBRES today, is born.


FIBRES transforms into a SaaS foresight platform

Getting accepted into the Stuttgart Autobahn Startup Accelerator Program, and starting a co-creation effort with Daimler, a leading actor in the foresight space, supercharge our transformation into a SaaS business.


A new growth phase is begun backed by angel investors

Bootstrapping the business thus far, FIBRES is ready to take its first round of external investment. Together with our investors and customers, we’re building FIBRES into the best platform for efficient foresight work.


Our team


Panu Kause

CEO, Co-founder



Esa Heikkinen

Head of platform technology, Co-founder


Milla Lappalainen

Marketing lead


Bashkim Meka

Software developer


Blerton Rexha

Software developer


Lirim Beka

Software developer