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Forget one-time market research and trend reports. Corporations and consultancies use FIBRES to make sense of the future operating environment. Continuously, together with their team.

Build your foresight process with FIBRES

FIBRES is a cloud-based platform for continuous and collaborative foresight.


Quickly bring any written inputs from your favorite news sites, internal sources, or commercial data sources under one roof. 


With a purpose-built tool, you can easily structure, link, and assess your inputs to understand their impacts on your business.


Automated summary views, like the trend radar, help you communicate your findings and connect foresight with action.


Combine data from multiple sources

We’re not a trend research provider. Our focus is on building the best foresight platform and making sure you have all the data sources and integrations you need for your foresight work. With FIBRES, the choice is yours.


Make sense of large amounts of written data

Connect the dots with FIBRES. Structure your data into interlinked Signals, Signal clusters, Trends, and Megatrends and assess their impacts for your business. It's miles away from working with a spreadsheet.


Keep an updated view of your future

Using workarounds like presentation software to summarize insights can be a real burden. FIBRES assists you in compiling a unique trend radar. With FIBRES, you'll always have an updated view of emerging trends to share with your organization.

Create your first trends now

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Create foresight that gets used

Stay ahead of the competition by using the acquired insights in strategy, innovation, R&D, and risk management.


Assess trend impacts and possible future scenarios for strategies.


Identify the most potential areas for innovation.


Give innovators and product developers an unfair advantage by looking where others aren't.

Risk management

Identify potential threats in time to prepare.


Loved by customers for simplicity and ease of use

How our customers use FIBRES

"We use FIBRES especially for new technology scouting and early trend identification. FIBRES is an important part of our innovation process toolchain."

Edgar Talke
Corporate Tech Scout Lead, Vitesco Technologies

"We use FIBRES for our research, especially for horizon scanning. It has significantly improved our performance – FIBRES is an excellent tool!"

Epaminondas Christophilopoulos
UNESCO Chair on Futures Research

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