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The easy-to-use foresight tool for collecting signals and making sense of future topics.

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Are you already tracking signals of change?

FIBRES helps you create and maintain your own view of the future together with your team.


Find new signals without trying to

Manually following important sources can be time-consuming. With FIBRES, you'll find new signals with less effort. Our AI-powered foresight tool helps you in your research.

You only need to save one signal into FIBRES, and our AI will start recommending further topics of interest. It's not called a scouting shortcut by our users for nothing.


Gather everything in one location

Spotted an interesting piece of news but not sure what to do with it? Not having a shared repository for your new findings is one of the biggest obstacles to a good foresight process.

With FIBRES, you'll have a shared space to work with your weak signals, industry trends, scenarios, and other future topics. You can finally say goodbye to intel scattered here and there.


Make sense of future topics together

Gathering relevant data is a great start, but what really matters is making sense of the findings in your specific context. FIBRES helps you answer the question "What of it?".

Unlike spreadsheets and other workarounds, our foresight tool assists you in organizing your signals, creating topic clusters, and assessing your findings – helping you to tell a story with your data.



Create trend radars and topic summaries

Are you struggling to get foresight used within your organization? With its powerful visualizations, FIBRES makes it easy to summarize the most important changes headed your way.

Building radars and topic summaries will help your people consume and use the data, and ultimately make it easier for you to bridge the gap between researching trends and taking action.

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Not yet another data source

FIBRES is not just another generic data source. Instead, it's the tool for bringing together all your sourcing and sensemaking work – ultimately building your own findings database.


Your trend radars

Need to structure upcoming changes in a powerful way? Get the radar layout or layouts that make sense to your business.


Your evaluations

What other criteria do you need to organize and evaluate your future topics? We'll make sure you have the right ones, no more, no less.


Your data sources

Do you have favourite sources, like certain websites, RSS feeds, Google alerts? Let's hook those up with FIBRES for automatic inputs.

Trusted by teams who do their own foresight work

We use FIBRES especially for new technology scouting and early trend identification. FIBRES is an important part of our innovation process toolchain.

Edgar Talke, Technology scout lead, Vitesco Technologies

FIBRES helps to automate some of our signal detection processes, utilising AI to surface only the most relevant content. It also acts as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for horizon scanning work, containing everything from the latest developments, through topic forming, trend analysis and how that fits into the wider landscape. It can also house all of the work done by our horizon scanning team and commentary on how emerging trends will impact on the business.

Head of horizon scanning, international health care company

Using FIBRES is forcing me to relook at the information and consider it in a more structured way: What might the impact be? How uncertain is it? How far out is the peak impact? How might it link with other trends or signals?

Steve Wells, Futurist, Informing Choices

FIBRES has become a tool for us to gather relevant information we could use to monitor trends we have set our sights on. In the process, we have also discovered other trends that we did not think of previously, thanks to the AI picks feature that proposes new signals on the topics we're working on.

Strategy manager, major European logistics company

The value in FIBRES is how it helps us organize information, make it available for everyone in our team, and give it meaning.

Björn Jacobsen, Professor, Hochschule Stralsund

FIBRES serves as the one single virtual place for scouting, saving and processing weak signals, for making sense of current developments and upcoming trends in a collaborative manner, and for sharing insights with the whole organization instantly.

Head of futuring, Mercedes-Benz


How Aurecon does foresight

Aurecon uses FIBRES to run their foresight process. In these 10 videos, their futures research lead Noriko Wynn walks through the way they do foresight, complete with goals, roles, workflows, best practices, learnings, and more.

Frequently asked questions

FIBRES is used for foresight and futures intelligence via a qualitative approach:
  1. Both automatically and collaboratively scanning and monitoring change signals in one's external business environment (i.e. news, publications, discussions, etc).
  2. Sense-making and discussion about the same, including tech-assisted clustering of inputs, data categorization and assessments according to your own criteria, in-app discussions, and more.
  3. Ultimately summarizing your own context-specific future insights into trend radars, future scenarios, and topic-specific summaries to be used further in strategic planning, risk management, and/or innovation and R&D projects.

Think of FIBRES as a shared database for all your ideas, observations, and insights that have something to do with the future – and particularly the future of your business.

When you find something interesting about your operating environment, like news of competitor activity or a new innovation, you can save it to FIBRES as a finding.

FIBRES then makes it easy for you to structure,  summarize, and visualize these findings. You can build trend radars out of them. Or link multiple findings together and summarize their impacts.

Over time, you will accumulate valuable information about changes in your operating environment, which will help you build the future of your business.

FIBRES is typically adopted by a core team of people whose daily responsibilities involve observing and making sense of changes around them.

You might be an in-house expert working with topics related to strategy, innovation, or foresight. Or you might be a foresight, strategy, or innovation consultant helping your customers succeed.

In these roles, FIBRES brings instant value by providing a shared place to collect findings and make sense of them. From FIBRES, information can then be fed into strategy processes, innovation projects, and more.

For many of our customers, the ultimate goal is to create a foresight process where many people – even their entire organization – participate. To be able to do so, a tool like FIBRES is essential.

Unlike many other vendors of foresight tools and software, we are not a trend data provider. Our focus is on building the best platform for you to bring in inputs from your favourite sources, whatever they may be.

Instead of creating our own data sets, we partner with leading trend data providers to bring their data to you via FIBRES. We have also developed our own sourcing service FIBRESEED for automatic monitoring.

With FIBRES, it's always possible to start out with a completely empty account and only write and add findings manually yourself – and many of our customers do, in fact! With FIBRES, the choice is always yours.

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