Start small, roll out when you want to

Building a foresight process takes time. With us, you can start small and expand later.

960 €

For individual foresight practitioners and small teams

5 seats (additional seats at 96 € per year)
All standard features
Premium features as ready-made Booster Packs
Unlimited basic support
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For companies who want to customize their FIBRES experience

Seats according to your needs
All standard features
Premium features according to your needs
Priority support

Included in every FIBRES account

Get started with your foresight work in FIBRES.

Main navigation sections

  • Front page
  • Discover
  • Network
  • Radar

Content input and export

  • Web clipper for new content inputs
  • pdf scraping
  • Manually writing new inputs
  • Image inputs from mobile devices
  • Exports into Powerpoint

Content management

  • Search, tag, link
  • Auto suggested linkages
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Archive/restore and delete
  • Change logging

Community features

  • Discussions/commenting
  • Expert search
  • Use statistics
  • Follow feature set


  • Home page personalization
  • UI language selection


  • User administration
  • Help and support functions

Customize your FIBRES experience

Premium features for FIBRES Pro are available as ready-made Booster Packs, each at 960-2880 € per year. For FIBRES Enterprise, you get to pick any combination of individual features.

Data Management Booster Pack

  • Collect main navigation section
  • Collect feature set
  • Full data exports to .csv

Team Booster Pack

  • Recommend/like feature set
  • "Pin-to-top" for linked articles

Radar Booster Pack

  • Radar customization
  • Custom filtering

Voting Booster Pack

  • Joint evaluation topics
  • Admin-managed Polls

Branding Boosters

  • Your logo or slogan on the front page
  • Your own template for .ppt exports
  • Your own layout for .ppt exports

Get 3rd party content in your FIBRES account

Make use of 3rd party content. Not seeing your preferred data source here? Let's connect it to FIBRES.

MAPEGY InnovationGraph integration

Visual queries into an AI-built database of billions of publications (news articles, patents, research papers, etc.) from your FIBRES account.

TRENDONE Trend Explorer

Globally sourced and curated trend data inputs for inspiration. Includes 120+ Megatrend and Trend descriptions, 30000+ real-life examples, and continuous updates.


Automated custom inputs and/or input suggestions from free web sources

Your own data sources or integrations

Please let us know what you wish. FIBRES includes flexible APIs for integrating with your favorite sources.


We love our customers

Priority support

We take pride in exceptional customer service. On the Enterprise plan, you'll enjoy a named account manager, a dedicated online feedback tool, priority feedback sessions, and further supporting services. 

Feedback sessions

FIBRES has been built together with our customers. Enterprise customers enjoy priority feedback sessions. You'll even get to directly influence our product roadmap.


Both plans can be customized to your needs. The main difference is that additional features for the FIBRES Pro plan are bought as pre-packaged boosters.

Customers on the Enterprise plan can choose any combination of features, and for example custom integrations are available here, too. The Enterprise plan also comes with white-glove service, including e.g. priority support, a dedicated feedback tool, dedicate account manager and feedback sessions, and more.

All FIBRES plans can be billed to your credit card or PayPal account, or we will also gladly send you an invoice with further options for paper invoicing or email invoicing, and for our Finnish corporate customers also through E-invoicing.

The three main drivers for FIBRES pricing are 1) your feature setup 2) your number of users, and 3) data sources in your use, and other possible integrations.

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