Trends for consumer brands 2024+

In the ever-evolving world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), innovation expert Jens Bode from Der Innologe is at the forefront, constantly updating this trend radar. Delving into the realms of consumer behavior, technology, and future insights, Jens uncovers the disruptive forces that will shape the FMCG landscape after 2024.


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FMCG trends to watch out for

This trend radar is continuously updated by innovation expert Jens Bode. It explores the consumer, technology, and future insights that will disrupt fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) after 2024. Jens brings in insights from multiple sources, like open web articles and TRENDONE's future data, and adds his own commentary.

Der innologe strategist Jens Bode

Jens Bode is an expert of the early innovation phase. He works as a think tank to hire under his brand "innologe". Jens combines experience, creativity, lateral thinking, and a passion for innovations. He has accompanied 50+ companies in activities related to ideation and innovation, including the German consumer goods company Henkel AG, where he worked for 24 years.
With Jens and FIBRES, you get full access to his ready-made data sets on FIBRES. If you need an innovation sparring partner, he is available for hire for FIBRES customers. His strength lies in transforming provocative hypotheses about the future into product ideas and business concepts, for all types of businesses and industries alike.

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