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Bring all inputs for your futures intelligence on one platform. We offer integrations to internal and external sources, and create new ones on demand.


Get the data you want

FIBRES seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources, like open web sources, databases of commercial third-party data providers, and even with your internal data sources on a case-by-case basis.

Commercial sources

Like MAPEGY InnovationGraph and TRENDONE TrendExplorer

Internal sources

Like intranets and discussion channels

Open web sources

Like news sites and open databases


All your favorite sources, one tool

FIBRES is the best foresight platform when you want to work with data from multiple sources.


Get new inputs for your futures intelligence with our own innovation. FIBRESEED automatically recognizes the topics you are working on, and brings new related inputs from the open web.

MAPEGY InnovationGraph

A massive database of research articles, patents, companies, and much more. Make queries into InnovationGraph data right within FIBRES. Save interesting findings with a click.

TRENDONE TrendExplorer

Get inspired by signals, trends and megatrends sourced by professional trend scouts and analysts. With our integration, the entire TRENDONE data is brought to FIBRES.

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No problem. We're constantly keeping our ears open and adding integrations that our customers wish for. Get in touch and let's see what we can do.

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