Daily signals and curated trends from TRENDONE

With the TRENDONE data service, you get professionally scouted and analyzed signals and trends right inside FIBRES.


40,000 foresight data points for your futures intelligence

TRENDONE's futuring service is famous for a reason. With their data set, you get a constant stream of interesting new inputs from around the world, making it easier to stay on top of new phenomena across industries.

The combination of FIBRES and TRENDONE is a powerful one. With TRENDONE's data in FIBRES, you get a curated feed of foresight data in the tool you do the rest of your foresight work.


Daily feed of new signals

When something interesting happens, TRENDONE's trend and technology scouts write about it. These new signals get pushed into your FIBRES account daily, where they reside right next to your other foresight content.


Trend and megatrend descriptions

In addition to helping you spot interesting new signals, TRENDONE's data makes it easy to understand the big picture. They have dozens of human-curated trend and megatrend descriptions that cover both social and technological phenomena.


Visual views into future phenomena

On the FIBRES platform, you can work with TRENDONE's data just like with any other data of your own. You can view the data on pre-built trend radars or as an interactive trend network – or build your own views out of it.

Start with this data set

The full TRENDONE data set consists of 40 000 data points. During your 30-day free trial of FIBRES, you can sample a small selection of this data. Sign up with the link below to try FIBRES with the TRENDONE sample data set.

No credit card needed, no commitments.


TRENDONE is a strategic innovation consultancy, helping companies systematically identify the most valuable opportunities for innovation. TRENDONE's full dataset of 40 000+ megatrends, trends, and signals is available on FIBRES.

All your sources, one platform

Bring all your sources under one roof. FIBRES is the best foresight platform when you want to combine information from many sources.

The tool for building your own futures intelligence

Do you need to collect signals and make sense of future topics for strategy, innovation, or R&D? Then FIBRES is the foresight tool for you. It's used by corporations and consultancies for building their own futures intelligence.


"This radar summarizes the most important trends disrupting businesses today"

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