Automatically build a trend radar for your business

Build a trend radar for your business that is always up to date without touching clumsy presentation software.

How it works

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Add your signals and trends into FIBRES

FIBRES houses all your future-related inputs, like interesting articles, pieces of research, and employee insights, in one place.

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Easily structure and organize trends with FIBRES

You can organize your inputs into signals, signal clusters, trends, and megatrends, allowing you to get the big picture and make sense of your data.

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Assess your data according to your criteria

FIBRES lets you set custom impact assessments so that the trend radar layout is customized according to your needs.

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See updates instantly on your trend radar

Based on trend impact assessments made by you and your colleagues, the trend radar will update accordingly, and you'll always have the latest view to share.


Why use FIBRES for your trend radar

It's customizable

Choose which domains to have in your trend radar.

It's transparent

See who submited what content. Drill-down.

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Easy to collaborate

Easily involve others in signal sourcing and sense-making.

Always up to date

When you create a new trend in your FIBRES database, it will automatically show up on your radar.

Start by creating your first trends

Say goodbye to compiling your trend radar manually.

FIBRES is a foresight platform complete with a trend radar

Build a trend radar as powerful as the DHL Logistics Radar with FIBRES. Save signals, make sense of trends, and summarize findings all in one tool.