"Great for PESTEL analysis"
"Fully editable in Powerpoint"

Free trend radar templates

Looking for an easy way to build a simple trend or technology radar? Download our trend radar templates to build your first trend or technology radars.

Build a trend or technology radar

Get 6 different trend radar layouts. Choose the one that fits your purpose. Edit the horizon and sector titles accordingly.


Position your trends on the radar

Add trends to your radar by copy-pasting bubbles. Move your trends around freely. Edit trend titles by clicking.

Copy to your own presentations

Copy your finished radar into your own Powerpoint presentations, such as strategy documents or product pitches.


Download the templates now

  • 6 different layouts
  • Editable horizon titles (radial axis)
  • Editable sector titles (outer rim)
  • Editable trend titles
  • Transparent background
  • 100 % free


Build a live radar instead

Trend radar templates are good for getting started. But working with Powerpoint gets tricky when you have lots of trends on your radar. Check out our trend radar builder for creating beautiful live radars and housing all your trend data.


The tool for building your own futures intelligence

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