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Are you looking for an easy way to build a simple trend or technology radar? Look no further. Swipe our trend radar templates to build your radar in no time.

Create your own trend radar in Powerpoint

Get 6 different trend radar layouts. Choose the one that fits your purpose.

2 to 7 sectors

Choose a layout with the right number of sectors to organize your trends into.

3 to 6 time horizons

Choose a layout with the right number of time horizons to plot your trends.


Add your trends by copy-pasting

Populate your radar by copy-pasting bubbles to your radar.

Editable bubbles and labels

Copy and paste to add more trends to your radar.

Add into your own presentations

Easily create simple trend radars for your presentations or projects.

PESTEL radar

Build a PESTEL radar with an overview of trends impacting your business.

Technology radar

Build a technology radar of technologies relevant to your business.


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When a Powerpoint radar is not enough

The trend radar templates are good for one-off projects with limited data. When you want to make a bigger impact, build your radar with FIBRES instead.

Skip the copy-pasting

When you need to frequently update your radar, editing a Powerpoint radar gets tedious. FIBRES makes managing multiple radars easy.

Bring in additional intelligence

Unlike a static radar, FIBRES brings you additional intelligence related to sourcing of inputs, clustering, and making sense of your data.

Work together, in real time

With FIBRES, your radar can be the result of a continuous and collaborative foresight process – not just a slide in a presentation.