Download our free trend radar templates

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to build a trend radar or a technology radar? Look no further. Swipe our trend radar templates to build your radar in no time.

What's included

3 different trend radar templates

We have included templates for radars with 2, 4, and 6 sectors. Use them to build a simple PESTEL radar, for example.

2 trend impact analysis templates

The template deck also includes slides for simple trend analysis and writing out individual trends on your trend radar.


Fully editable in Powerpoint

Fully editable in Powerpoint

Copy and paste to add more trends to your radar. Change the names of your sectors and time axes as you wish.

Export to PDF

Once you're happy with the result, export to share. Send your radar to colleagues in .ppt or .pdf. 

Get the templates now

The trend radar templates are perfect for you if you're visualizing a radar for a one-off purpose and working with a limited amount of data.


Automate your radar instead

FIBRES is a foresight tool for building an interactive radar. In the following cases it might be easier to build your trend or technology radar with FIBRES:

  • You have a lot of content to fit on your trend radar or you need to frequently update your trend radar, and manual updates are resulting in too much work
  • You wish to automate parts of the work or bring in additional intelligence, either related to sourcing of inputs or to clustering and making sense of your data
  • You want to be able to share your work in real-time. You have multiple people contributing to your trend radar, and it's hard to get aligned

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