Establishing a structured way to monitor signals and trends

Jul 22, 2022 4:23:12 PM

How to build a compelling futures narrative from industry news? A major European logistics company found it was difficult to do without a dedicated foresight tool. In this story, their strategy manager shares how FIBRES helped them enhance their signal and trend monitoring.

"Before starting to use FIBRES, we didn't have a structured approach to sharing web articles. We would share news articles via email, extolling the relevance of the articles to what we do, and what it could mean for our strategic plans.

The problem was that it was difficult to track these articles and use them towards building a cohesive story.

The need for a foresight tool became evident when we had a project that identified trends that could potentially help the future of our business and industry. We did not have a way to monitor how those trends are ageing and aggregating all relevant news articles.

Soon after we started looking at different tools to support us in our work. We wanted to achieve a structured approach to monitoring relevant signals and trends, and to be better able to use those signals and trends towards our strategy thinking.

We also wanted to enrich our storytelling with compelling narratives gathered from a common platform. It was important to us that the tool is easy to use and collaborative so we could get stakeholders to contribute and propose relevant articles.

What tipped the scales in favor of FIBRES was the flexibility in configuration. We did some shopping around before deciding to work with FIBRES, but their tool has been the most flexible out of all the ones we looked at, allowing us to tailor our own experience, according to our needs.

FIBRES has become a tool for us to gather relevant information we could use to monitor trends we have set our sights on. In the process, we have also discovered other trends that we did not think of previously, thanks to the AI picks feature that proposes new signals on the topics we're working on. 

Overall, it has been easy to grow our story building with the platform. It has also helped us make our storytelling richer with details because of the signals proposed by the tool. This way, our strategy pitches have become more vivid, tangible.

A feature that we make use of almost every day is the web clipper. We like being able to clip news/web articles that are not part of the massive database we already have. Clipping articles into FIBRES has pretty much eliminated our previous workflow of sending articles by email.

Another aspect that we've really liked about FIBRES is the team behind it. We have been receiving quick, thorough support right from the very beginning. As we were new to the discipline, the FIBRES team has guided us all throughout and ensured that we are able to get the most out of the tool."

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Major European logistics company

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Milla Lappalainen is head of marketing at FIBRES. She's excited to learn foresight best practices from the top organizations in the world already running their own foresight workflows and to share those learnings with others.

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