Team FIBRES at Innovation Roundtable 2018

Nov 19, 2018

This years event was our first visit ever to Innovation Roundtable Summit at Copenhagen. I have to say that I have never been in as a well-organized event that also had not one, not two but at least 10 amazing speakers! Usually, event speeches are a bit the same and heard before and not that inspirational. But the three days (6.-8.11.2018) at Innovation Roundtable was full of inspiration, amazing speakers and a lot of new information at least for me!

Innovation Roundtable is the leading network exclusively for innovation executives in multinational firms. It has hosted over 100 large scale innovation events since 2008 with 4000 innovators attending their events each year. Innovation Roundtable Summit is the main event they organize yearly. This year 700 innovation leaders participated in the event. They do amazing work for the innovation community around the world, if you haven't heard of them, read more about them.

Inspiration from Innovation

With our company, FIBRES Online, we had our little booth there and during those days we also had a chance to listen to the keynotes and speakers. Of those speakers I went to listen to, my favourites were Linda Hill from Harvard Business School about the art and practise of leading innovations, Mohanbir Sawhney from Kellogg School of Management about design for disruption, and especially, Tom Kelley from IDEO.

Tom Kelley talked about building creative confidence. He is a very talented speaker who sure can take his audience! He talked about how much creativeness there is to unleash in people, and that how we hide our creativeness when we grow up. There's a survey with results showing that 80% of people thinks that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth, but only 25% of people feel that they are living up to their creative potential. What a huge cap! We all should work hard in our organizations to get the potential of people in use. We all have creativity inside us, it is a natural human ability, we only need to have the courage to act!

Creative confidence

Keys to unlock our creative confidence might not be at work but might be found from our leisure time. It doesn't matter where we find the confidence, it will always affect our work life also! In a positive way :) For me, it's being around horses and doing stuff like hobby theatre when I have the chance. I challenge you to take that little moment too, and think what it is that could empower you!

The three days at the event were amazing also in that sense that we met a huge amount of innovative people. We had a chance to learn from companies and share ideas of how to innovate more effectively.I want to thank each and every person who came to our booth! And also the fellow exhibitors! Marshmallows, building blocks and all.

Let's keep the innovation processes going and build a stronger future. See you next year in Innovation Roundtable Summit!

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