How to lead with foresight

Foresight has become a critical leadership skill in the 21st century. In this webinar, futurist Steve Wells and FIBRES CEO Panu Kause discuss how to develop foresight capabilities in your organization.

The webinar is now available as a recording

It was originally aired on June 10th, 2021.

Foresight as a leadership skill

Why has foresight become such an essential tool in the modern leader’s toolkit?

The foresight mindset

What is the mindset a leader and an organization should adopt towards foresight and how to get there?

Making an impact with foresight

How should foresight be connected with change programs for greater impact?

Introducing the speakers

Futurist Steve Wells

Steve Wells advises global clients on the transformative potential of megatrends and disruptive technologies,

He has a particular focus on adopting new mindsets, new models of leadership, collaboration, and innovation required to sustain and differentiate brands in a rapidly changing reality.


Panu has helped dozens of organizations with continuous and collaborative foresight

He is familiar with best practices and also with the most common challenges that organizations face on their path.


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