How to organize for foresight

Panu Kause explains how you can organize your own foresight function.

What you can learn from this webinar

Defining foresight

What is corporate foresight, exactly?

Best practices

How do organizations happy with their foresight work actually do it?

Roles for in-house foresight

What are the roles needed for foresight?

Foresight tools

Finding the right tools for your work.

Let's talk about your foresight process

We're eager to learn how you do foresight. In a meeting, we will provide tailored recommendations for your specific needs, and explore how FIBRES can streamline your workflows. Book your meeting today!

The tool for building your own futures intelligence

Do you need to collect signals and make sense of future topics for strategy, innovation, or R&D? Then FIBRES is the foresight tool for you. It's used by corporations and consultancies for building their own futures intelligence.

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