So you're interested in using foresight methodologies for your business.  But how to organize for foresight in practice?

We packed all our learnings and best practices into this 1-hour webinar:


✔ What is corporate foresight, exactly?

✔ What do organizations happy with their foresight work do differently compared to others?

✔ What are the roles and processes needed for foresight?



The webinar is now available as a recording. You can watch the webinar below:


Introducing the speaker: Panu Kause, CEO of FIBRES Online


Panu has helped dozens of organizations with continuous and collaborative foresight

He is familiar with best practices and also with the most common challenges that organizations face on their path.

"Great enthusiastic attitude and good reflections on audience comments!" 

"It was a great pleasure to listen to Panu lecture even for longer times. A really captivating speaker, which is a great talent!"