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Panu Kause

is the founder and CEO at FIBRES. Before founding FIBRES, he held several management positions and ran his own foresight and strategy focused consultancy.


Our take on AI and foresight: The steps we are taking today

Feb 27, 2023

Working side-by-side with AI is not a novel concept in foresight.  Tech-savvy scouting teams have sought these technologies for a while now, and welcomed the improvements they bring to their existing processes, like scouting and sense-making.

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4 types of futures intelligence – and how to create them

Oct 13, 2021

I've lately been in so many discussions related to futures intelligence and foresight processes that I've lost count. Many of them have focused on the fundamentals: the very purpose of foresight work to begin with.

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What is strategic foresight and why is it important?

Aug 17, 2021

Strategy and related concepts are hard to define, even if the topic has been discussed for decades. Whatever the terminology, every organization should be serious about its understanding of the future.

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5 foresight buy-in exercises for the strategic planning process

Jul 29, 2021

I've often argued that the first step towards foresight work is starting to talk about your future, what to expect, and how to be prepared. Now we are looking into foresight buy-in and how to get started with that. I'm pretty sure you'll get the management team's attention.

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3 factors that increase happiness with foresight work

Jul 1, 2021

This blog is based on a survey we ran on foresight best practices. To no surprise, people on average are somewhat satisfied with the practices on foresight and futures work in their own organization. As in any many statistics, averages are not great indicators of... well, anything.

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Collaborative foresight – two proven models to get people involved

Oct 23, 2020

One of the most common questions we hear from foresight managers looking to develop foresight in their company is the following: How do I involve more people in our foresight work?

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Strategic management – past, present, and future

Feb 12, 2019

Where is strategic management headed? I have shared my views about the past, present, and future of strategic management in dozens of presentations, hundreds of discussions, numerous investment negotiations, and more.

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Using foresight for innovation

Nov 1, 2018

In order to detect the early signs of disruptive forces - to out-think your competition - I think a systematic way of getting new inputs is crucial. A key use case of foresight work is to place trend implications on long-term strategic horizons and to use this as input for your own strategic positioning.

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Transformation and strategy work (part IV): Find the force within?

Jun 15, 2017

A few topics reoccur with companies facing a strategic change. Based on those, I will look into three different transformation cases in these blog posts. I will reflect on them against their specific market position and potential external change factors.

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