Tips for doing your own foresight.

Five uses of market foresight

Feb 26, 2016

>Market foresight is one of the key factors in crafting any organization’s strategy. Naturally, different organizations have different needs when it comes to strategy but the essence of any strategy needs to be about building the future of the company. Thus, strategic planning should always include consideration of possible and probable futures in the organization’s relevant business environment.

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Four ground rules of foresight work

Feb 12, 2016

If we lived in a society that had no one looking ahead of the present, we would soon get stuck in an everlasting loop of stagnation. Fortunately, we live in a society quite the opposite: a plethora of people, businesses, communities, and every other actor imaginable are rigorously working to make their dent in the universe, thus forever disabling the status quo.

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