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Heli Salonen-McGrath

worked at FIBRES with service delivery and marketing. She's a team worker and a doer, and loves to observe the world with an open mind and eyes. Every day is a new opportunity, right?

Leadership thoughts from the round pen

A while ago I had an opportunity to attend a horse-assisted leadership coaching session where the focus of the session was to motivate, communicate and listen to someone that has no hidden motivation or choice of using verbal language = get the horse on-board what you want to do.

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Futures thinking as a tool: create desire for change

On one September Friday, we sat down with a few colleagues and discussed change and change management (we always do, we're all passionate about this!). I started to wonder how futures thinking could serve as a tool for clarifying the need of change...

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What makes a great corporate futurist

What kind of combination of traits would be good in foresight work? We wrote earlier about the tools, the ground rules, and different uses of market foresight. Here's one type of view on what could make a good combination for foresight and market tracking work, with some strategy execution also in mind.

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