As we are again taking our next steps – building the perfect strategy platform – two more beautiful people join our mission. 

Esa Heikkinen and Vesa Keskinen join Team Fibres in early 2018. Esa takes his position as Head of Platform Technology, and Vesa as our new Lead Developer. They are taking upon their very responsible positions in our development, nurturing FIBRES even further into AI-assisted collaboration on future trends and strategy. 

Esa actually is the very originator of our core architecture, and now re-joins the team! Vesa also is a familiar face to us, and to our great pleasure, he too decided to join the ride. Both gentlemen excel in creating amazing, smart and simple software, connecting the users and providers of trend research globally. True professionals indeed.

“Our aim is nothing short of building the perfect strategy platform, and of course of being one of the central players in the trend and strategy management ecosystem now being ramped up. But right here, right now, nothing brings me as much joy as Esa and Vesa joining Team FIBRES. They are truly great characters, and I so totally trust them both”, says CEO Panu Kause. “In turn, nothing makes me as proud as these two individuals choosing to trust us, and to join our journey”, Kause adds.

“With Vesa, we’ve known each other as friends and colleagues for a long time, but haven’t really worked together for a long time. During one of our regular morning runs, we came up with the perfect solution and contacted Panu with our mutual suggestion. And here we are – ready for the next phase”, says Esa. “I am taken by the enthusiasm of the entire Team FIBRES”, he closes.

Esa and Vesa really are like-minded and share very similar – however complementing – views over a lot of tech topics. In terms of his views over the rationale of joining Team FIBRES, Vesa simply states: “It’s great to have the possibility to be part of building something really remarkable into our own application. And everything that Esa said.”

We are glad – that is, really, really glad – these guys are now part of Team FIBRES!



Stay tuned for more! And please check out our open positions! We are still looking for a Lead Designer to join us!


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