Does strategic management play a role in vacation planning? Does it need to?  What are your strategic activities during summer and how does your strategy function under the vacation period?

Here is a short few minutes read and thoughts about the strategy process and living with it during summer and vacation period.

We have a saying in Finland that we aim for our businesses and ‘the world’ to be ready by our vacation time – which starts approximately now, in the end of June. What it actually refers to, is current business and operative tasks that need to be finished, projects and reporting closed. But what happens to our long term strategy that we have carefully drafted in our long strategy process and nurtured to support our operations management?

In essence you don’t need any additional strategic guidelines for the summer – as long as your team knows the strategy and know how to prioritize accordingly. They often don’t, as was discovered in the research released earlier this year in Finland – Panu noted in his post.

Sudden requests for proposals, new partnerships or crisis situations in operations management might need strategic prioritization, even during management vacation time. Your CEO might be available for a call at anytime, but in order for most of the issues to run smoothly, it might be wise to refresh the priorities and possibly fine tune those targets prior to vacation period. If not for anything else it is useful to look at the targets and guidelines for coming autumn, so that employees returning to work can have an empowered kick-off for towards next results and fulfilling strategic targets.

My vacation starts at midsummer (with an operative break for some customer meetings next week! Looking forward to meeting you!).


I hope all of you have a chance to see the midnight sun one night!


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