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FIBRES web application, developed by Necorpoint Ltd, combines artificial intelligence and crowd collaboration in strategic management. Necorpoint was selected as the only Finnish company in a major startup program in Germany.


For business management, it is increasingly important to understand the market change drivers and their combined impacts.

Necorpoint Ltd’s unique FIBRES web application meets the need by combining world-leading artificial intelligence technologies with crowd collaboration for the purposes of trend tracking and strategic management.

FIBRES was selected into the new German-American Startup Autobahn accelerator program out of over 300 applicants. Among the selected 28, Necorpoint is the only Finnish company, and the only one concentrating on strategic management solutions.

Startup Autobahn is one of the most extensive startup programs in Germany. It offers a platform for both corporations and startups to create and pilot mutual world-class opportunities. The corporate partners for the program are BASF, Daimler, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Murata, Porsche and ZF Friedrichshafen. Necorpoint has already started the first project with one of the corporate partners.

”The future of strategic foresight is about ’hybrid foresight’. This combines the best of crowd collaboration and of artificial intelligence for market tracking purposes and for handling of extensive amounts of trend data. The key thing here is to recognize the emerging phenomena and their implications to your business,” says Panu Kause, CEO, Necorpoint.

FIBRES aims to become the world’s favourite platform for hybrid foresight and smart strategies. FIBRES already offers a unique way for tracking your business environment and for exploiting the new insights in strategic execution. The software is used globally by 80+ organizations in 29 countries.

”We provide a new and simple way for our customers to recognize new business potential. Customers can strengthen their ability of spotting emerging opportunities, and the increase the level of their strategic activity. Artificial intelligence and human analytic thinking are a powerful combination,” Kause continues.


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Necorpoint Ltd is a market foresight and strategic management company based in Helsinki, Finland, founded in 2010.

FIBRES is a browser-based software application for hybrid foresight and strategic management. The first version of the software was launched in spring 2016. FIBRES is already used or tried out in more than 80 organizations in 29 countries.


Startup Autobahn is the innovation platform for global startups that brings Silicon Valley tech expertise to the birthplace of automotive. Founded in 2016 by Daimler AG in partnership with Plug and Play, the University of Stuttgart, ARENA2036. Current partners also include Porsche, HPE, BASF and ZF.

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