We have now executed our first round of our own, internal strategy workshops using FIBRES™. As we preach, we started the work with the end in mind, by setting our strategic targets to year 2020.

It was harder than we thought. As we are continuously supporting strategy work on FIBRES with several clients, we know the domain and the hardships of the strategic choices and discussions. And FIBRES or not, we’ve worked on our own strategy big time at least twice a year even before this. Thus, we thought formulating our new strategic targets would be easier and more straightforward – at least we wouldn’t have to run through the strategic thought process continuously at the side, as we often do with customers.

For us, it was obvious that we need to find a tighter growth focus for both our consulting and software legs of business and we focused our discussions on defining those targets. But killing our darlings, changing some of the core service areas and understanding drivers for the change, was still a struggle. Our most complicated discussions were focused around our scenarios for growth, reassignment of personal roles and lifting our heads up to see where the growth actually lies – whether it feels comfortable or not.


A few key learnings to be noted about the strategy work

  • We were all tuned to finding solutions for growth, which helped the discussions kick-off faster into right direction. Having pre-discussions with each participant helped a lot!
  • Refocusing and reshuffling thoughts takes time, time must be built in to allow it. Everyone needs to process it and let it sink in.
  • Details for execution can not discussed at the same time with strategic targets, it is wise to pre-set-up a follow-up meeting to polish those details. We’ve done this for years now, and in my next blog post I will actually be getting back to the topic of setting up a real execution plan.
  • The most important task is to make and take those big decisions!


At the end of day one there was only one question asked – did we make it more difficult than it is or is it just hard? And we agreed – it is, at the mildest, complicated.


We also recommend

  • Meeting a real customer in-between your strategy days
  • Having a glass of champagne towards the end of the day to spice up the discussions after the key targets have been set.
  • Starting the execution immediately, it will show where the great ideas don’t work after all!




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