A Reflective Look

Before I share some of our future plans, let me reflect a little what the past year held for us. In short, I’ll just point out a few of our key goals outlined a year ago, and the respective accomplishments:

  • GOAL: “Stabilization of a multi-industry customer base. The first group of “software-only” customers using FIBRES.” This goal was based on our then-truly-initiated transformation from a services company to a software service provider.
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: Now in December, we have 60+ organizations using or trying out FIBRES, acquired in just 9 months since the FIBRES rel 1.0 launch in March. Certainly not a fully stable clientele yet, but getting there!
  • GOAL: “Set sights on to international markets, do it inbound.”
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: This goal was certainly achieved: the vast majority of FIBRES users are inbound customers. We also now serve FIBRES users on all other continents, except Antarctica. Still, a long way to go with full inbound automation etc., but now we truly know we’ve got global market traction.
  • GOAL: “Consulting companies using FIBRES with their own customers.”
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: This goal was added later this year as we began to realize FIBRES is gaining a lot of interest among consultancies. Now our active network has started to grow. However, at the dawn of the year 2017, there still are only about a dozen “customers of our consultancy customers” gaining access to FIBRES. New goals for 2017 to be established…

Overall, I am happy with where we are today, and looking forward to new accomplishments in 2017!


What’s on the Horizon?

We will carry on developing FIBRES to support market tracking, futures planning, strategic planning, and strategy execution. Our design principle number one, two, and three will remain the same: ‘Simplicity’. Simplicity will always be our guiding star in everything we do and in everything we develop FIBRES into.

We also toyed with our own strategic ‘mantra’. Since early on, FIBRES has promised ‘Simplicity For Your Strategy’. Elaborating on that, we may conclude that our aims are fundamentally about

  1. simplicity; that of FIBRES use of course, but even more that of our customers’ strategy communications, transparency, and execution;
  2. strategic awareness and insightfulness; brought by our customers’ own planning certainly, but also by FIBRES market tracking capabilities and perhaps some additional services from our network, in future even by deep learning and AI capabilities to be introduced into FIBRES.

Hence, our new mantra quite deliberately holds many meanings. Here it is: we exist and FIBRES is being developed ‘For Simply Smart Strategies’. 

Finally back to our roadmap. Based on our own futures scenarios, and the valuable feedback from our customers, these topics will be in our plans

  • added functionality to better support follow-up and reporting related to strategy execution;
  • visual updates and improved layouts, further improving human interaction on content discovery and editing;
  • APIs and third party technologies: we are now looking into supporting our customers’ work also by selected integrations, and even by world-class cognitive technologies in the future

We are in the business because we truly believe in continuous change, learning, and experimentation. Foresight work, insightful strategies and experimental execution are the tools to make it happen. Hopefully, we can be there to enable all this for you.

Happy New Year!

(Image by Pixabay.com)