This (business) time  in Finland is pretty much all about startups and #slush2016. Whether or not you are a startup or participating in the event, this week provides a good moment to think about your future and strategy work. This post is more of a quick round up of few useful articles that might serve as an inspiration. We’ll write about some of these topics in FIBRES blog -series, based on our own or our customers’ experience.

The reason of your existence

Sounds deep – and in a way it is. Defining your simple vision, or at least your philosophy in a mantra, provides a leading light in a sentence. Though it might sound easy, defining a single line can be surprisingly difficult. One good tip coming up with the “mantra” could be: everyone in your team should write few options down every day, even the most obvious ones. After a little break, come back to it, put the options on a board and let the creativity flow. Combine them. Scrap them. The right one will be there somewhere.


What is your core vision, why does your company or product exists? What issues are you solving for customers, where is the value? What is your vision based on? Do you use The Three Horizons Framework to sketch your future and how to take the next leaps? Do you have an inkling where and how you should evolve? How to balance what you are doing now with experimentation that builds the potential future? FIBRES blog started a series about The Three Horizons Framework and of course check McKinsey’s material on the framework itself. Adaptations are many.
Are your strategic decisions backed with market foresight? The cross-industry lookout to cultural change patterns and change factors is the tool to see disruptions and opportunities coming. Futures thinking and continuous foresight work seems to gradually find its way in organizations, not just as a ‘once-a-year-trend-outlook’. Revisit the four ground rules of Market Foresight for some tips.

While you are on the go, it’s always good to remember that not every venture ends with a great success, it’s a learning curve. Few tips here ’11 Business Development Strategies Tips For Startups’ by

While it is good to take action quickly, remember do it bit-by-bit. Learn from it and adapt. Keep the cycle going. 🙂
Stay tuned!
Have fun, enjoy and have a successful week!
Heli Salonen-McGrath
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