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International World Futures Day 2019

Jan 15, 2019 10:06:42 AM

FIBRES Online is sponsoring the event for worldwide Futures Day 2019. Futures Day is a concept that encourages anyone to join and organize, host or in some other ways be part of the day during this spring.

"March 1st is known as the World Futures Day, but it is not yet very well-known. We want to start a tradition that aims at making future more tangible to all: future is something that we create in today’s actions and decisions. Futures Day is not a single event but consists of numerous parallel events. All participants can organize and celebrate Futures Day the way it best suits their timetable and resources." (

In Finland, the Futures Day concept is organized by "Futures Day" group with people from Futures Specialist Helsinki, Futures School and Finland Futures Research Center among others. Reach out to the team in case you are interested in more details or wish to organize your own futures event! The day is open for anyone to take part; schools, individuals, communities, municipalities and companies - anyone!


How to celebrate? One example of celebrating a futures day could be that you invite someone to your organisation to talk about futures trends, or even better, start your own project for gathering weak signals! (Psst. we know a good online software to help you with that ;))

With what material? The Futures Day group will share toolkits and helpful material via their website. Meanwhile, material about weak signals and trends by Sitra can be viewed here.

What are we going to do? FIBRES is supporting the concept by sponsorship and arranging a webinar in Finnish on 1st of March

We also have a survey open about use of foresight in strategic management. Take a look, answer and leave your contact details in case you are interested in the results.


Stay tuned!


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FIBRES Online and Futures Day 2019