Let's create futures!

by Maija Forsell | Mar 1, 2019

In honour of the international Futures Day we are calling all futures shapers!


We at FIBRES, want to support every company and organization to take an active part of their futures with continuous foresight work.

To honour the Futures Day (1st of March, worldwide), we are launching a Futures Challenge! Take the challenge and you’ll get the FIBRES foresight and strategy tool for your team, for 60 days without charge.

Offer is valid starting from today. Don’t miss out and take on the challenge at the latest on the 15th of March 2019! We will help you to get started and will give you a few ideas on how your team could benefit from foresight work, if needed.


Nothing to lose, only to gain

There are a lot of benefits in continuous foresight work! At the beginning of this year, we did an open survey on how companies use future-related information. Most of the participants saw foresight work as most effective, especially in innovation, customer needs understanding and as direct input for strategic management. Most of the participants expressed that foresight should have a more important role in the companies management and that there would be more time for it. It’s everyone's job! 77% told us that they don't use a collaboration tool for foresight work. And we want that offer just that!

Do you want to participate in the Futures Challenge? Send an email to maija.forsell@fibresonline.com  tell me shortly about your team and let's get started!

Futures Challenge is a free trial, and it does not bind to a paying subscription. In case you wish to carry on to use FIBRES after the challenge, you may view the pricing and demo here. More information about the tool click here.

Let’s create futures! Be a shaper!

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Maija Forsell

Head of Customer Engagement at FIBRES Online Future is full of great adventures for all of us if we choose so! Let's take an active role in futures. I can help you with finding a tool and ways of working if you are interested to start the creation.

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