Foresight Into Your Business Decisions

by Heli Salonen-McGrath | Mar 27, 2019

March marks the end of the first quartal of the year 2019! Pretty wild how fast the time seems to go and makes it even more important to be ready for the upcoming months, and years too.


On the lookout for new

That said, have you spotted any new ideas or seeds for an innovation? Fairs are said to be a source for many companies who work with future-related information. In fact, in our recent survey, 74% said that fairs, events and forums are their preferred source for spotting something new!

FIBRES offers that single place where you and your colleagues can store that information. Then work together on it to decide what it all means for your business.


A few examples of how our customers use FIBRES

  • As fuel for innovation: one place for the articles, blogs, or even pictures from the fairs. Anyone, whom you decide, can add, edit and share content in your own FIBRES. This makes it easy for teams to find the information and start working on that all-important ideation and thinking about what it could mean for your business.
  • Collaboration tool for your team or an entire company, if you so choose. Encourage people to write their comments out and participate in the future-related discussion. It might open up new thinking and offers a way to show why, and based on what, some strategic decisions are done.
  • Use it for project-nature work. Maybe you need to just collect observations and signals on certain themes? No problem! Use it with a team or group and save those hand-picked content to your FIBRES. Maybe even use the Radar-view to show the relevant trends as the final output of such stint.


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See how a simple tool could help on the front-end of innovation, or as single-point for all the foresight related information in you organisation.

Heli Salonen-McGrath

Service Delivery & Marketing at FIBRES Online A team worker and a doer, I love to observe the world with an open mind and eyes. Every day is a new opportunity, right?