FIBRES Tips: Tags can help You to find interesting foresight content

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What's New?


With Team FIBRES we think the best source for learning something new is without a doubt, our customers and people working with foresight and strategy. Our aim is to always bring something in each update that adds a true value of using FIBRES. Sometimes the changes are bigger and sometimes it is about fine-tuning something, like for example how to use 'tags'.

Okey, what is a tag in this context? In FIBRES, users can use tags to identify similar themes or topics. For example, a tag could be something called 'working life' or 'artificial intelligence'. Choosing these tags for different content enables better suggestions for new linkages between trends and signals. Use them to identify, classify and to group similar or content with similar topics.

In FIBRES, tags are given to each content (signal, signal cluster, trend, fibre or strategic target). Tags are used in Discovery- and Execution -sections as search functions, though users can't "see it", tags are also part of the capabilities for suggesting linked content while grouping or linking items together.

Earlier, we brought a new look for the filtering and sorting options for managing your content. With our latest update, we enhanced the functionalities for tags so that they could compliment your discovery work even better. Let's have a bit more detailed look...


While adding a new signal or a trend, and writing the description for it, you'll get immediate tag suggestions. Suggested tags can be saved by user and new ones can be added simultaneously.

Tags in FIBRES content Image: A trend with suggested and chosen tags


In Discovery-section, use tags to search more interesting content. Try to combine it with search words or filters to narrow down your results - especially if you have a load of content! From there on, you could, for example, create a new trend or a workspace for further discussion.

Tags as search function Image: Tags used in the search for content


That's it for now. Next time we'll introduce more new or enhanced features. See our resource centre for tips and frequently asked questions, and please don't hesitate to send us feedback or questions! We are happy to help!


Team FIBRES :)



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