Act now: What's on your Radar? New innovation?

by Maija Forsell | Apr 1, 2019 | No Comments

There is no better time than now to act on future and innovation! In our recent survey, 60% mentioned that they use foresight as input for innovation programs and ideation. 64 % for better understanding of their customers.

Spotting emerging issues and new trends is key part of piecing together futures opportunities. Sources for such can be many (web articles, blogs, research, individual ideas...).

Have you got a place where everyone participating to your innovation process is able to store such information?

One place where people whose responsibilities are to evaluate trends and their impact on your business?

Do you need a simple view where you can show to your management team or boss, which are the trends that impact your business the most?

FIBRES could be the tool for you and your team


FIBRES has a visualisation, called the Radar -view. It is where you can visualise the trends that you and your team have evaluated to have impact to your business. Radar shows sectors, or more lovingly called "slices", that are the domains of the impact.  See the video below and scroll down for an offer!


Place an order for FIBRES now and gain an advantage for getting an extra addition to your Radar view!

  • More sectors (“slices”) on your Radar to support your futures decision making. Our standard package includes two different domain of impact: Technology and Business Models. These can be named differently and you can get more sectors on your Radar. Our team will be in contact with you regarding the Radar configurations and details.
  • Free example content from our content provider partner, TrendOne GmbH (a generic sample set)
  • Support for you and your team to get started with FIBRES
  • Our standard 30 days of free use with your chosen team, invite whom you wish! The invoicing starts after the 30-days is up. Billing is based on number of users (your plan, see pricing) and the choice of your invoicing model (E-invoice, paper, or email).

Value of this offer: normal pricing for Radar configurations is 1900€ + VAT.  
This offer requires that the Terms of Service are accepted before the 30th of April 2019.

Terms of Service  | Prices  | What is FIBRES? 

Already have a FIBRES account and wish to have changes on your Radar? Contact us!

Maija Forsell, Head of Customer Engagement
mobile +358 50 373 4727



Maija Forsell

Head of Customer Engagement at FIBRES Online Future is full of great adventures for all of us if we choose so! Let's take an active role in futures. I can help you with finding a tool and ways of working if you are interested to start the creation.

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