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Thoughts and experiences about strategic foresight and strategic management. No also with a AI-twist.

What’s Next? Hybrid Foresight and Smart Strategies?

Well, what's next? Always the million dollar question, especially now as artificial intelligence (AI) is in the midst of the tech hype. Since our own FIBRES' development will entwine with AI, it's due time to take a look into some of the concepts and terminology. I'll...

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New Year For Simply Smart Strategies

  A Reflective Look Before I share some of our future plans, let me reflect a little what the past year held for us. In short, I'll just point out a few of our key goals outlined a year ago, and the respective accomplishments: GOAL: "Stabilization of...

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Inspiration For Strategy Work

This (business) time  in Finland is pretty much all about startups and #slush2016. Whether or not you are a startup or participating in the event, this week provides a good moment to think about your future and strategy work. This post is more of a quick round up of...

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Trick or Treat? Do or Don’t?

Both phrases can be tracked into popular culture. The first one being from a popular Holiday Season, and latter one from a famous movie franchise (Star Wars and Yoda, it well might be). Strategic planning and strategy execution are about choices. Those choices should...

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Market Foresight – The Team Point of View

Market Foresight. Market Tracking and Analyzis. What kind of combination of traits would be good in foresight work..?   We wrote earlier about the tools, the ground rules and different uses of market foresight. Here's one type of view on what could make a good...

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