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Thoughts and experiences on trend tracking and management, strategic foresight, and strategic planning and management overall. Sharing also some of our internal stories about developing The Perfect Foresight Platform.


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Let’s create futures!

In honour of the international Futures Day we are calling all futures shapers!   We at FIBRES, want to support every company and organization to take an active part of their futures with continuous foresight work. To honour the Futures Day (1st of March,...

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Online: Coffee Break with FIBRES

Do you have some questions of FIBRES? Want to see a demo? Want to hear about the newest updates in FIBRES? You're in luck! Come join us for a Coffee Break with FIBRES -online session on Friday 26nd of April!TWO TIME OPTIONS DURING THE SAME DAY8:30 am - 9:30 am...

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International World Futures Day 2019

FIBRES Online is sponsoring the event for worldwide Futures Day 2019. Futures Day is a concept that encourages anyone to join and organize, host or in some other ways be part of the day during this spring. "March 1st is known as the World Futures Day, but it is not...

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Holiday Greetings from Team FIBRES!

Looking back on year 2018   A little hindsight is sometimes good also when planning for the future. Our future still consists of working towards the perfect strategy platform - all in line with our mission statement 'For Simply Smart Strategies'. So, here's a...

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Innovation Roundtable Summit 2018

This years event was our first visit ever to Innovation Roundtable Summit at Copenhagen. I have to say that I have never been in as a well-organized event that also had not one, not two but at least 10 amazing speakers! Usually, event speeches are a bit the same and...

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