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FIBRES is a web app for AI-assisted collaboration on future trends and on your own strategy. It also connects the users and providers of trend research.

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Are you an artist when it comes to designing the look and functions of a software? Come and build the perfect strategy platform with us. Leading role in our SW development is open.


FIBRES Update: Tags can help You to find interesting foresight content

  What's New?   With Team FIBRES we think the best source for learning something new is without a doubt, our...

Team FIBRES Gains Two Technology Wizards!

As we are again taking our next steps - building the perfect strategy platform - two more beautiful people...

Futures Thinking as a Tool: Create Desire for Change

On one September Friday, we sat down with a few colleagues and discussed change and change management (we...

Five Foresight Buy-in Exercises for Strategic Planning Process

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting started with foresight work by - as a first step - starting to talk...

Confessions of a CEO: Going Forward With Future

Three years ago our team made a strategic decision that changed our course from consulting business to a...

Change never stops, why should you?

Take the next step into collaborating with your strategic foresight and strategy execution. With optional access to world-class trend data also available, provided by our partners and their global trend-spotting networks.

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