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FIBRES is a simple tool offering a single place for your market intelligence, strategic roadmapping, and execution follow-up.


Strategy and execution should go hand in hand.

We’ve all seen strategies that never get executed. At the same time, we’ve seen organizations and projects yelling for concrete strategic guidance. Strategic implementation fails in 70 percent of cases, decade after decade. Let’s be honest: people and organizations don’t always act coherently according to their own strategic guidelines.

Market tracking and strategic planning are not one-time efforts.

There is little need to emphasize the risks of being overtaken by fast-moving new entrants if you are not continuously alert these days. On the other hand, established businesses could also turn business environment changes to their own advantage. Still, many organizations find it hard to keep track of on-going changes in their business environment and to gain market-related new ideas for fast experimentation.

One solution.

No, we are not saying FIBRES solves all your problems. Many of them, it will. With FIBRES, you’ll easily gather and collaborate on market intelligence and new ideas, you’ll create strategic plans and objectives, and you’ll follow up on the related activities. You’ll easily link all these together and discuss all the necessary topics.

It’s simple. It’s unique. It’s FIBRES.

Oh, Just One More Thing…

FIBRES™ Foresight & Ideation section is used for gathering and discussing hand-picked observations related to your market. You can also craft new ideas and summaries based on those observations.

You may also opt for unique market tracking & foresight services provided by partners, delivered via FIBRES™. These are about hand-picked, cross-industry content and other services, tailored according to your specific needs. Or maybe you want to have acceleration for your strategic planning process or create a whole new roadmap frame for your strategy?

For many years already, we’ve been deploying a novel approach including crowdsourced content and analysis for market intelligence. Now our services ecosystem is growing into other fields of expertise also, such as internal ramp-ups and other facilitation services of your own market intelligence and foresight.


Ease of Use

Ease of use has been the most important design principle of FIBRES™ since the beginning. The number of functions has been minimized, and navigation through the application is fully intuitive. No software installments or configuration are expected from the user. FIBRES™ is browser-based and automatically adapts to any screen. Due to its utmost ease of use, FIBRES™ is well suited for continuous online work as well as for workshopping purposes.

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