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Team FIBRES and a remote work week in Spain

Modern ways of working enable a situation where work can be done pretty much anywhere where one has good and...

Act now: What’s on your Radar? New innovation?

There is no better time than now to act on future and innovation! In our recent survey, 60% mentioned that...

Foresight Into Your Business Decisions

March marks the end of the first quartal of the year 2019! Pretty wild how fast the time seems to go and...

Futures Day: Is your company proacting or reacting to future?

International Futures Day was just celebrated during March 1st. To honour the day, we organized a webinar...

Let’s create futures!

In honour of the international Futures Day we are calling all futures shapers!   We at FIBRES, want to...

Online: Coffee Break with FIBRES

Do you have some questions of FIBRES? Want to see a demo? Want to hear about the newest updates in...

Fuel for Innovation

Understanding the operational environment makes a big change in the innovation process. No matter if you are innovating of new products or services, it is crucial to understand what is happening around you. 

We make it easy and fun to collect signals (articles, news, blogs…) to one place, start discussions, evaluate and build your vision of the futures. FIBRES is build to be very user-friendly and easy to use. It will help you in the sense-making by linkages and visualisations, and of course the help of AI. Blogs related to this: Foresight for Innovation

Collaboration tool for your team

Bring everyone in the organisation to collect signals, to discuss and evaluate the impact of topics for the organisation. Visualize the reasons why certain decisions are needed, innovation, development, marketing, and so on. Give everyone an easy way to participate in foresight work!

FIBRES is easy to use web application for your organisation for this. It’s a tool for everyone in your organisation to take part in decision-making involving foresight and strategic targets. Blogs about this: Leadership thoughts from the round pen 

Collect insight in project mode

Do you have a team of experts already working with foresight content in a project mode? You might have a market analyst, strategy or innovation team whom are actively collecting information for sense-making. 

FIBRES is a tool for you! You can work with your team and easily invite others. User rights can easily restrict what different users can see or do. With FIBRES,  you don’t need heavy training sessions with persons you invite and you are the admin of your account. Invite whoever you want, whenever you want!

Today, +200 organizations

On 6 continents - all other than Antarctica 😉

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Celebrating Futures Day March 1st, 2019!

Alumni, Program #2 | Stuttgart, Saksa

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