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Foresight software for continuous and collaborative foresight

Build a shared view of trends impacting your business, and easily share those insights with business leaders, innovators, and strategists at your company. Start from scratch with your own team, or take benefit of FIBRES' integrated, intelligent data sources.



Use FIBRES to infuse critical business functions with foresight


Strategic foresight

Assess trend impacts and possible future scenarios with a purpose-built foresight tool. Provide business leaders and board members with the knowledge to craft future-proof strategies.


Innovation foresight

Identify the most potential areas for innovation by collecting all trend inputs in one place. Give innovators and product developers an unfair advantage by looking where others aren't.


Foresight for consulting

Help your customers grow and renew their business with foresight and futures understanding. Track trends and play changes in the market to their customers' advantage.

Features and benefits

What you can do with the FIBRES foresight software

Easily accumulate knowledge

Save all your observations about the future in one place, and gradually build a comprehensive view of what's ahead. FIBRES helps you find and link relevant inputs with automated recommendations so that you never miss a thing. Unlike typical workarounds, a purpose-built foresight tool lets you easily enrich, assess, and organize data.

Add data from many sources

FIBRES automatically identifies topics your team is working on, and brings external inputs to fuel your foresight process. You can also tap into the databases of our partners TRENDONE and MAPEGY. Or simply start from scratch and just add your own inputs – with our foresight software the choice is yours.

Collaborate for sense-making

Assess trends and their impacts with your colleagues. Crowdsource inputs to make use of the combined intelligence in your organization. With the FIBRES foresight software, you can engage hundreds or even thousands of people in your foresight work. FIBRES makes tracking and collaborating on trends fun and rewarding for the whole organization.

Discuss and share insights

The FIBRES foresight software assists you in compiling a unique trend radar to spark strategy discussions. Easily explore all your trends with the visual trend network. You can also create an unlimited amount of data collections for future scenarios, R&D projects, or innovation domains of your choice.

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Here’s what our customers have to say

We use the FIBRES foresight software especially for new technology scouting and early trend identification. FIBRES is an important part of our innovation process toolchain!

Edgar Talke, Technology Scout & Trend Manager, Vitesco Technologies

We are shaping the future of our decision-making with this remarkable startup.


We use the FIBRES foresight software for our research, especially for horizon scanning. It has significantly improved our performance – FIBRES is an excellent tool!

Epaminondas Christophilopoulos, Chair on Futures Research, UNESCO

We use FIBRES to collect, classify and analyze data in research projects. By enabling continuous data gathering and use, FIBRES helps us make evidence-based analyses and comprehensive future reviews. The software is easy to learn and very practical to use.

Petri Honkanen, PhD, researcher, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Blockchain Technology Project

You do a great job over there and I really appreciate your flexibility and quick responses.

Innovation Management Specialist,

Using the FIBRES foresight software fits my strategy classes perfectly. Students get an opportunity to experience an online foresight co-creation process. I am very thankful for this amazing opportunity!

Erika Vaiginienė, PhD, Associate Professor at Vilnius University