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FIBRES is an intelligent web app for collaboration on future trends and strategy.

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Celebrating Futures Day 1st of March 2019 – Webinar language in Finnish

Strategic Management – Past, Present, and Future

During this start of the year, I thought to share my ideas on strategic management and its future. I have...

Survey: Foresight as part of Strategic Management

FIBRES Online opens a survey about "Foresight as part of Strategic Management"   What? This online survey...

International World Futures Day 2019

FIBRES Online is sponsoring the event for worldwide Futures Day 2019. Futures Day is a concept that...

Online: Coffee Break with FIBRES

Do you have some questions of FIBRES? Want to see a demo? Want to hear about the newest updates in FIBRES?  ...

Holiday Greetings from Team FIBRES!

Looking back on year 2018   A little hindsight is sometimes good also when planning for the future. Our...

Celebrating Futures Day March 1st, 2019!

Alumni, Program #2 | Stuttgart, Saksa

Are you working with trends and strategy?

FIBRES is a easy-to-use web-app for anyone who wants to follow trends and weak signals,
use that information on strategic decision making and collaborate with it.

For the Foresight Professional


For the Strategy Executor


For Educational Purposes


For Consulting and Partners


Today, +200 organizations

On 6 continents - all other than Antarctica 😉

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