For Simply Smart Strategies

FIBRES is an intelligent web app for collaboration on future trends and strategy.

It also connects the users and providers of trend research. Use it online – no downloads.

Free Webinar: Foresight and Innovation as tools to build competitive future

Join us online on Wednesday 31st of October!

Change never stops, why should you?

FIBRES is a easy-to-use web-app for anyone who wants to scan environment for trends,
use that information on strategic decision making and collaborate with it.

For the Foresight Professional

For the Strategy Executor

For Educational Purposes

For Consulting and Partners

Optional access to world-class trend data is also available directly to FIBRES platform provided by our partners and their global trend-spotting networks.

Today, +200 organizations

On 6 continents - all other than Antarctica 😉

FIBRES at Innovation Roundtable Summit 2018

Team FIBRES is heading to Copenhagen during 6th - 8th of November for the Innovation Roundtable Summit 2018....

Leadership thoughts from the round pen

A while ago I had an opportunity to attend a horse-assisted leadership coaching session where the focus of...

Webinar: What is strategic foresight in Finnish 11th of October

'How to build a winning future?' That is a headline for the free webinar about strategic foresight. During...

Stay Relevant With Future Less Foggy

Foggy x Foggy = Foggy² We all know about it. We all should do it. Before everyone else does it. Before...

NEWS: Goodbye Necorpoint – Hello FIBRES Online Ltd!

During the past years, we have transformed from a strategic managment consultancy into a...

NEWS: Maija Forsell Joins The Team as Head of Customer Engagement

Team FIBRES has a new shark-slipper-wearing Head of Customer Engagement, Ms Maija Forsell. She joined the...

FIBRES Tips: How to Boost Foresight Work With a Simple Web App

This post is aimed at anyone who is interested in how to scan the horizon for weak signals and emerging...

FIBRES Tips: Finding Trends and Signals That Matter

While working with weak signals and trends, does it sometimes feel like you are trying to find the needle in...

NEWS: FIBRES partners with Fast Future

As we keep building FIBRES to be the perfect strategy platform, one of the key elements in that vision is to...

FIBRES is Part of Plug and Play Berlin’s Batch 0

Yes, FIBRES (Necorpoint Ltd) is part of The Plug and Play Berlin (Batch 0) acceleration program. The program...
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Alumni of the Startup Autobahn Accelerator Program #2

Stuttgart, Germany, 2017


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