FIBRES is an intelligent web app for bringing foresight into your business decisions.





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We are a proud sponsor of the Futures Day March 6th, 2020!

Alumni, Program #2 | Stuttgart, Germany

We use FIBRES especially for new technology scouting and early trend identification. FIBRES is an important part of our innovation process tool chain!

Edgar Talke

Technology Scout & Trend Manager, Vitesco Technologies

You do a great job over there and I really appreciate your flexibility and quick responses.

Innovation Management Specialist

We use FIBRES for our research, especially for horizon scanning. It has significantly improved our performance – FIBRES is an excellent tool!

Epaminondas Christophilopoulos

PhD, MSc, Head, UNESCO Chair on Futures Research, FORTH/PRAXI

…shaping the future of our decision-making with this remarkable startup.


Fuel for Innovation

Real understanding of your operating environment makes a big difference for innovation. You need to get into deep insights, and to collaborate with your colleagues for shared understanding.

FIBRES makes it easy to collect signals (articles, research, news…) into one place for enrichment and discussion. And it helps you with the sense-making over all those pieces of information for innovation. 

Collaboration tool for your team

Bring everyone in your organization to collect signals, to discuss and to evaluate trend impacts. Make use of different user roles, automated notifications, private collections, and voting options!

FIBRES is an easy-to-use web application for collaborative market intelligence and foresight.

Collect insights in projects

Do you have a team of experts already working with a specific topic in project mode? Perhaps a team of market analysts updating future scenarios, or a development team working on a new product or service?

An unlimited number of private collections is available for project teams to collect and share their specific signals and analyses.

Trend Radar for Strategic Planning

When making business decisions, you want to be up-to-date about the trends impacting your business. What if you had a custom Trend Radar to fit your needs, and with real-time updates based both on internal and external inputs?

This is one of the focal points of FIBRES – just tell us how you wish your Trend Radar to be outlined!

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