For Partners

Are you a builder of future, a consultancy or a trend research data provider? We are continuously seeking international and local non-exclusive partners for partnerships.

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For Consultants

Would you like to use FIBRES with your customers:

  • use your favorite strategic framework?
  • offer a collaboration platform to your customers for continuous engagement?
  • stay up-to-date of customer activity?

Service for your customers. FIBRES offers a unique and easy way for collaboration between you and your customer. Use FIBRES as a platform for creating strategic roadmaps and for working on insights of the business environment.


How to Proceed?

Whether you want to use FIBRES as a platform for all your services, or just to acquire it for individual customer cases – it’s all doable. No downloads, no setups – it’s a simple online tool. Everything in one place.

Contact us and let’s have a discussion on how you’ll get the FIBRES foresight and strategic management software for your use in the best possible way.

“I use FIBRES™ with Inzites’s customers because it’s a simple, collaborative and efficient strategy tool. Instead of gathering market intelligence in a separate place, we gather and summarize it in ‘Foresight’ section. Then roadmapping enables us to create a desired frame for customers strategic roadmap, whether it is organized as a ‘must win battle’ or ‘balanced scorecard’ approach. Once the strategic roadmap is set, it’s the easiest place to share the information, do follow-up and have a discussion about individual targets when needed.” Ilkka Puikkonen, CEO, Inzites

Trend Data and Network Providers

Do you have a database full of awesome signals, phenomena and trends? Do you host a trend spotting network? Would you like to have your material available to FIBRES customers? FIBRES holds an external API for data input, and we work through a very straight-forward roll-out concept.

We are continuously seeking international and local partners for non-exclusive partnerships.

Current partners include

TRENDONE – get access to over 25 000 worldwide trends and innovations

Trend One


Do you develop modern and futures technologies and solutions? Natural language processing, argument mining or some other capabilities?

We are also keeping an eye out for any new proven technologies that are willing to change business software landscape and combine human collaboration with technologies for true hybrid foresight and strategic management platform services.

Current partners include

Argument Text, by Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab, Technische Universität Darmstadt (website coming shortly).

UKP - ubiquitous knowledge processing