For Partners

For Consultants

Would you like to use FIBRES with your customers:

  • use your favorite strategic framework?
  • offer a collaboration platform to your customers for continuous engagement?
  • stay up-to-date of customer activity?

Service for your customers. FIBRES offers a unique and easy way for collaboration between you and your customer. Use FIBRES as a platform for creating strategic roadmaps and for working on insights of the business environment.


How to Proceed?

Whether you want to use FIBRES as a platform for all your services, or just to acquire it for individual customer cases – it’s all doable. No downloads, no setups – it’s a simple online tool. Everything in one place.

Contact us and let’s have a discussion on how you’ll get the FIBRES foresight and strategic management software for your use in the best possible way.

“I use FIBRES™ with Inzites’s customers because it’s a simple, collaborative and efficient strategy tool. Instead of gathering market intelligence in a separate place, we gather and summarize it in ‘Foresight’ section. Then roadmapping enables us to create a desired frame for customers strategic roadmap, whether it is organized as a ‘must win battle’ or ‘balanced scorecard’ approach. Once the strategic roadmap is set, it’s the easiest place to share the information, do follow-up and have a discussion about individual targets when needed.” Ilkka Puikkonen, CEO, Inzites

Trend Data and Network Providers

Do you have a database full of awesome signals, phenomena and trends? Do you host a trend spotting network? Would you like to have your material available to FIBRES customers? FIBRES holds an external API for data input, and we work through a very straight-forward roll-out concept.

We are continuously seeking international and local partners for non-exclusive partnerships.

Current partners include

TRENDONE – get access to over 25 000 worldwide trends and innovations

Trend One