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We have a growing network of partners helping our customers with their strategy and foresight work. Contact us for more information; if you wish to become a partner or are interested of getting in touch!

Panu Kause
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Foresight and Strategy Work


Getting the most out of your foresight and strategy work may sometimes benefit from a sparring partner. Do you need facilitation for foresight or strategy work processes? Our partners below are established and offer specialized services that will help your business bloom. Wish to become one of the partners mentioned below?

Contact us and let’s discuss future.

Great Minds

Specialises in strategy development and business training. We are here to develop your and your organisation’s future capabilities and strategic thinking.

Location: Turku, Finland

Rohjeta Advisors

A practical, no-nonsense advisory firm that helps clients succeed in the digitalizing world through better decision making and faster execution.

Location: Espoo, Finland


Rohrbeck Heger

Strategic Foresight and Innovation consultants. We enable our customers to perceive change, to translate it into economic value and to identify new growth opportunities.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Rohrbeck Heger

Trend Data, Content and Networks

Do you have a database full of awesome signals, phenomena and trends? Do you host a trend spotting network? Would you like to have your material available to FIBRES customers? FIBRES holds an external API for data input, and we work through a very straight-forward roll-out concept. We are continuously seeking international and local partners for non-exclusive partnerships.

Interested as a FIBRES user to get the data from providers mentioned below? Contact us and let’s talk.

Fast Future

Fast Future is a professional foresight firm specializing in delivering keynote speeches, executive education, research, and consulting on the emerging future and the impacts of change for global clients. Fast Future publishes books from leading future thinkers around the world, exploring how developments such as AI, robotics, exponential technologies, and disruptive thinking could impact individuals, societies, businesses,  and governments and create the trillion-dollar sectors of the future. Fast Future has a particular focus on ensuring these advances are harnessed to unleash individual potential and enable a very human future.

Location: London, UK

Trend One


Get access to over 25 000 worldwide trends and innovations! Get them directly to your own FIBRES.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Trend One


Do you develop modern and futures technologies and solutions? Natural language processing, argument mining or some other capabilities?

We are also keeping an eye out for any new proven technologies that are willing to change business software landscape and combine human collaboration with technologies for true hybrid foresight and strategic management platform services.


ArgumenText, by Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab, Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Location: Darmstadt, Germany