Why we published hundreds of AI-generated trends and trend radars

FIBRES introduces the first-ever, AI-generated trend data sets for futures intelligence. The AI data sets consist of hundreds of pre-written trends and pre-compiled trend radars. They are designed to offer an easy way for companies to start foresight activities. The foresight startup also wants to replace non-value-adding work by human trend analysts.

"The world is changing remarkably fast. Foresight is a way for businesses to make sense of that change, and ultimately to take charge of it. Our AI data sets are a step towards democratizing futures intelligence. They make it easier to start an internal foresight process, which might otherwise take months or even years to get going", says FIBRES Founder & CEO Panu Kause.

FIBRES gives out free trend descriptions and trend radars in 20+ topics

The AI data sets by FIBRES will soon consist of over 1000 pre-written trends across tens of different topics. The topics range from healthcare to sustainability to work and energy. The data sets are complimentary to users with an active FIBRES subscription, including free trial users.

"Our goal is to match every type of business with an AI data set that they feel good about starting their own futuring upon. So whether you're in automotive or engineering or tourism and start working on your futures intelligence with FIBRES, you'll have a wide and versatile data set to start with", explains Kause.


The first 12 data sets with 300+ trends have been made available today, and the company is not stopping there. FIBRES is currently working on a batch of additional data sets, which are set to be launched later this fall.

The AI data sets have been created by prompting large language models (LLMs) for future trends in different topics. Each data set comes with 20-40 trend descriptions complete with an overall maturity assessment, accompanied by a trend radar and trend network for visual exploration.

With some significant prompt engineering, the team at FIBRES has developed a system for creating data sets on any topic under the sun. The outputs are verified for quality and consistency, but not vetted by a professional analyst or subject-matter expert. This is important as the goal is to keep the data sets affordable for users.

FIBRES addresses concerns about data ownership and reliability.

"Generative AI looks back by design, repeating what is already known. It can't predict the future nor can it replace context-specific sensemaking by your own people. These data sets are intended to offer a starting point for more in-depth analysis and should always be subjected to healthy criticism, just like any bit of foresight", Kause explains.

AI data sets may cut down time-to-intelligence by 90%

FIBRES estimates that ready-made data sets can save hundreds of hours of work from in-house innovation, strategy, and foresight teams.

"We noticed that a growing number of companies expected a baseline to get started with. Very few companies have curated their own trends before starting to use a foresight tool. Creating that baseline understanding can take hundreds of hours of analyst time, and is away from more value-adding parts of the work, like new signal scouting and context-specific sensemaking. Using AI in this way can help companies get started more efficiently", says Panu Kause.


Feedback from beta testers shows that even companies with some existing futuring activities under their belt find value in the AI data sets. Adding an AI-generated data set is a way to start scouting within a new topic or area. It can also be a way to cross-check your existing analysis and ensure you haven't overlooked any significant trends.

The internet is full of trend listings, both free and paid. When numerous sites compete to compile lists of new and emerging trends in different topics and industries, what sets FIBRES' AI data sets apart?

"The fact that our data sets are delivered within a foresight tool makes all the difference. We have existing functionalities that support building your own scouting and sensemaking on top of these data sets. For example, our intelligent feed FIBRESEED scours 400+ high-quality sources on the internet for new signals and the AI picks feature then recommends the most fitting ones to you. This way you'll find new real-time inputs also for your AI-generated trends. That's something a simple trend listing wouldn't be able to do", Kause explains.

Explore the first 12 AI data sets



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