Strategic foresight

Is you strategy in line with what's happening out there? Make sure you act on the next big thing with strategic foresight.

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Bring foresight into your strategy

Identify potentially disruptful signals and trends for your strategy.

All insights in one place

Combine inputs from different sources, such as your own people, intelligently automated sources, and your favourite research providers.

AI-powered topic clustering

Make sense of inputs easily by clustering related topics, creating relevant summaries, and evaluating trend impacts.

Enrich your storytelling

Infuse signals and trends into your strategy processes, stand-alone strategy updates, and individual strategic initiatives.

Summaries and scenarios

Outline alternative future scenarios or gather your collective intelligence related to a specific strategic question.


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Trusted by in-house foresight teams

We use FIBRES especially for new technology scouting and early trend identification. FIBRES is an important part of our innovation process toolchain.

Edgar Talke, Technology scout lead, Vitesco Technologies

FIBRES helps to automate some of our signal detection processes, utilising AI to surface only the most relevant content. It also acts as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for horizon scanning work, containing everything from the latest developments, through topic forming, trend analysis and how that fits into the wider landscape. It can also house all of the work done by our horizon scanning team and commentary on how emerging trends will impact on the business.

Head of horizon scanning, international health care company

Using FIBRES is forcing me to relook at the information and consider it in a more structured way: What might the impact be? How uncertain is it? How far out is the peak impact? How might it link with other trends or signals?

Steve Wells, Futurist, Informing Choices

FIBRES has become a tool for us to gather relevant information we could use to monitor trends we have set our sights on. In the process, we have also discovered other trends that we did not think of previously, thanks to the AI picks feature that proposes new signals on the topics we're working on.

Strategy manager, major European logistics company

The value in FIBRES is how it helps us organize information, make it available for everyone in our team, and give it meaning.

Björn Jacobsen, Professor, Hochschule Stralsund

FIBRES serves as the one single virtual place for scouting, saving and processing weak signals, for making sense of current developments and upcoming trends in a collaborative manner, and for sharing insights with the whole organization instantly.

Head of futuring, Mercedes-Benz

The tool for building your own futures intelligence

Do you need to collect signals and make sense of future topics for strategy, innovation, or R&D? Then FIBRES is the foresight tool for you. It's used by corporations and consultancies for building their own futures intelligence.

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