Software for strategic foresight

Scouting for trends once a year used to be enough. Today, building a successful strategy requires a process to collaboratively and continuously track trends.

Power your strategy with continuous foresight

FIBRES is used by business leaders and strategists to bring foresight into strategies.

Strategy processes

Stand-alone strategy updates

Individual strategic initiatives


How it works

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Collect inputs for your strategy in one place

Combine inputs from different sources, such as your own people, intelligently automated sources, and your favourite research providers.

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Make sense of trends together with your colleagues

Make sense of inputs by easily clustering related topics, creating relevant summaries, and evaluating trend impacts. 

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Outline future scenarios and summaries

Create collections to summarize the impacts of multiple trends and other phenomena. Outline alternative future scenarios or gather your collective intelligence related to a specific strategic question.

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Share and visualize with ease

Take your findings where they matter most by inviting others to explore all data, and by enjoying automated visualizations such as the trend radar.

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Understand your future operating environment

Collect signals, make sense of trends, and visualize your findings with FIBRES.