Meet us at DTIM 2023

We are partnering with DTIM,  a yearly gathering for the innovation-minded in Germany. The event is jam-packed with keynotes and networking, this year with a foresight focus.

Our team is attending the DTIM event for the second time in a row. We're looking forward to interesting encounters and foresight-related discussions!

We will also be offering 30-minute sparring sessions for helping to get your foresight work started or to improve your current practices.

Interested in joining the event as our guest? We are giving out 2 Standard Event Passes for free to interested parties (value EUR 2,549). Please email us at and tell us why you'd like to go to.

How to ensure 200 years of future success with a 2-minute daily routine

As creators of a SaaS foresight tool, we're excited to see how foresight has made its way to top management's agenda.

With the rising interest in corporate foresight, the question is: How to actually do it? What are the steps to take to build up a working foresight process, from collecting inputs to using the insights?

To address these questions, our CEO Panu Kause will be giving a keynote on the 2-minute practices that ensure the next 200 years of future success. See the full agenda.

After the event, the keynote will be published as a recording. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don't miss it when it's out.

DTIM 2022 keynote: Organizing for foresight – What do the happy ones do differently?

At last year's event, our CEO Panu Kause gave a keynote on corporate foresight best practices. You can see the recording here:

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Milla Lappalainen is head of marketing at FIBRES. She's excited to learn foresight best practices from the top organizations in the world already running their own foresight workflows and to share those learnings with others.

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