FIBRES is part of Plug and Play Berlin's batch 0

May 16, 2018

Yes, FIBRES (Necorpoint Ltd) is part of The Plug and Play Berlin (Batch 0) acceleration program. The program is a platform aiming to create face-to-face interaction between corporations and startups, and to build engaging relationships with long-lasting effects. Current corporate participants include ALBA and TUI Group, among others. Plug and Play Berlin are looking to start hosting new batches twice a year.

The Batch 0, lasting roughly a 3-month period, started in March with a selection event, continuing with meet-ups and focus weeks during spring and summer. The highlight is an Expo Day in September showcasing the startups and their solutions. Batch 0 is focusing to find new opportunities with two verticals; Energy & Sustainability and Supply Chain and Logistics. This setup fits FIBRES well since it is an application aiming to help any organization with their foresight and strategy. FIBRES is an easy-to-use and AI-assisted web application for collecting trend-related material, for collaborating, and finally for outlining your strategies based on the gained futures understanding. FIBRES also connects the users and the providers of trend research material.

“As a part of our journey towards building the perfect strategy platform, we are so happy to be part of the Plug and Play, Batch 0, in Berlin! Last year we participated another Plug and Play venture, Startup Autobahn Program #2  in Stuttgart. Results from that program exceeded our expectations, and now, with Batch 0 in Berlin, we are looking forward to experiencing even more great outcomes. So far, both these programs have offered a great expressway into contacts with the right people within major organizations that normally would be difficult to reach for a startup or an early-stage company.”

“Our own vision is based on a growing demand for structured futures thinking, for smart strategy tools, and for collaborative work methods. To add value to strategic management - a little help from AI-assistance under the hood, for example - is what we always focus on. We truly want to build the perfect strategy platform” says Panu Kause, CEO at FIBRES.

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Panu Kause, CEO
+358 40 838 4603

FIBRES Online Ltd

Is an AI-assisted web app for collaborating on future trends and strategy. It also connects the users and content providers of trend research.
During the year of 2018 Team FIBRES has also grown its team with 2 more members and keep releasing new features for FIBRES in a continuous mode.

Plug and Play Berlin

Plug and Play is a global startup ecosystem and Silicon Valley’s most active VC specializing in the development of early-to-growth stage startups. We provide a global platform and resources for success through established programs in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. With over 200 corporate and investor partners, Plug and Play has helped over 4,000 startups since its inception in 2006. Our portfolio has raised over $5 billion in funding with over 100 successful exits to date. Due to demand from existing partners, Plug and Play is extending its global reach with the launch of its Energy & Sustainability and Supply Chain & Logistics ecosystems in Berlin.

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Panu Kause is the founder and CEO at FIBRES. Before founding FIBRES, he held several management positions and ran his own foresight and strategy focused consultancy.

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