Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


The updated versions of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are in effect starting on January 1, 2018.

Your continued use of FIBRES constitutes Your consent to all changes and modifications in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may terminate Your FIBRES user rights at any time by contacting us.


Privacy Policy


Personal data privacy is of top concern to us, and we have taken all possible measures also with the new Privacy Policy to respect your rights. In specific, we have updated the policy to meet all legal requirements in alignment with the new EU GDPR regulation that will take effect on May 25, 2018.

Among other things, the updated Privacy Policy outlines our policies for personal data processed; sources of data; purposes and legitimate grounds for processing of personal data; transfer to countries outside Europe; recipients; storage period; user rights; lodging a complaint; and information security.


Please click below to view the new and/or the old version.

Terms of Use


We have made several changes, updates, and additions to the FIBRES Terms of Use.  Among other things, the following changes, updates, and additions have been made:

We have updated the definition of Content (item 1.2) and given a more precise description of your right to use FIBRES (item 1.3).

We have limited our responsibilities to inform you about disclosing of Content to third parties due to certain legal and safety reasons (previous items 3.6 and 3.7, combined into new item 3.6).

A substantial change regarding the intellectual property rights (IPR) relating to Content You enter into FIBRES (new item 5.4) has been made. This new item 5.4 first clarifies the IPR ownership related to Content you enter into FIBRES. Furthermore, this item outlines under which terms such Content may be delivered to other FIBRES users. In addition, this item explains our rights to use anonym and aggregated data included in the Content you enter into FIBRES and/or related to your use of FIBRES and the Content. We recommend you pay special attention to this new item 5.4 and review it carefully before continuing your use of FIBRES.

We deleted section 6 for injunctive relief.

Also, we introduced a simplified No Warranty and Limitation of Liability (previous section 8, new section 7).


Please click below to view the new and/or the old version.

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