Reinventing the future

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Life, society, and business in flux

The world is increasingly subject to significant change. While the focus is often on the potential implications of exponential technology developments – like AI, robotics, adaptive manufacturing, AR, and VR – political, economic, social, environmental, and regulatory changes are also happening at break-neck speed.
These future forces act on life, society, and business, and add to our personal and organisational sense of complexity and uncertainty. In the past, we have been fairly confident in our predictions and have been able to come to consensus about the way ahead. Now, we are far from certain how the world beyond our organisation is evolving and are less able to reach consensus on how to proceed.
This radar, designed by futurist Steve Wells, explores future change factors and provides insight into how we might work on reinventing the future of life, society, and business.

Steve Wells

Steve Wells is a futurist, international keynote speaker, facilitator, and founder of Informing Choices Ltd, an insights business specialising in futures and foresight. His work is designed to help individuals and organisations make informed choices now, about the emerging future.
Steve's extensive trends, drivers, developments, ideas, and scenarios are available on FIBRES at request. When you want to consider and create a better future for your organisation specifically and society more broadly, he is an incomparable resource in supporting futures thinking in your organisation.

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