Collecting Signals

You can store your own observations into your FIBRES account: technology news, competitor activities, legal updates, product launches, weak signals. You can do this simply by writing or for example by storing a photo from your mobile device.

Or like most of our customers do – using the FIBRES Web Clipper that stores any web article you are currently reading – at a click of a button!

Would you like for me to show you how FIBRES works? Please contact me and let’s set up a demo!

Panu Kause
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TRENDONE Content Into Your FIBRES Account

TRENDONE GmbH is one of the best-known European trend research companies. Its analysts and trend scout network across the world provide signals and trend descriptions. The TRENDONE TrendExplorer database holds more than 30 000 inspirational pieces with 200 – 300 new updates each month.

You may opt to have all this material on your FIBRES account, where you can further enrich and cluster the material as you wish.

Content Linkages by AI and Human Users!

You can discuss all observations within FIBRES with your colleagues. By applying language technologies and simple gamification, FIBRES assists the human users in finding  linkages between pieces of information.

Content linkages can be edited by human users…and the linkages automatically build up a visualized network of data!

Trend management and sense-making

Your Own Trend Radar

A trend radar, fitted for your own organization and based on your own shared insights is one of the cornerstones of futures understanding. Fully enabled by FIBRES!

Within a FIBRES test account, you’ll see a simple default model of a trend radar. The trend radar can be customized – at zero project cost – according to your needs!

What More?

The most important summaries of your futures understanding need to be linked to action: decisions, targets, projects, innovation efforts. FIBRES provides a simple and customizable way of outlining such linkages!

FIBRES can even be integrated with your other applications and data sources.

Let Me Try!

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