Mapping forces of change in the energy sector

Oct 11, 2022

Energy companies play an important role in keeping our houses warm and economies running. From the rise of clean energy to the fall of fossil fuels, the energy sector has seen its share of disruption in the past decade or so.

Amidst the on-going energy crisis, innovation management Master's student André Ribeiro was faced with an interesting task: identifying, analyzing and evaluating forces of change (trends, wildcards and weak signals) for one European energy company.

According to André, the biggest benefits of using FIBRES for the work was the ease of adding information, and once the work was done, sharing results of the work from one platform. In this customer story, he tells in his own works how the radars came to life.

"My job involved the application of horizon scanning methodologies in the scope of operational innovation of a company in the energy sector. FIBRES emerged as a partnership to improve the development of this internship in the scope of dissemination and evaluation of the trends that were worked on.

We wanted to achieve ease of viewing trends on a single platform. Quickness in inserting trends in a single platform in order to facilitate their sharing with the organization's stakeholders. We were intrigued by the possibility of obtaining automatic scanning dashboards or radars through the evaluation of the trends by the organization's stakeholders.

The FIBRES digital platform made it possible to automatically and quickly create individual pages on each trend with their respective descriptions and characterizations/classifications, including tags. The platform facilitated the dissemination and individual assessment of trends among the organization's stakeholders, having automatically obtained a scanning dashboard or radar.

The best thing about FIBRES was the friendliness, commitment and availability of their team at all times in this partnership collaboration. The automation and speed in the insertion of trends into the platform, particularly the variety of means of insertion (web page, Excel or PDF file, among others) was excellent.

Overall, we benefitted from the existence of a single horizon scanning platform where all stakeholders of the organization can participate, publish and contribute in a more dynamic way to the identification, selection and evaluation of the most important forces of change for the future of the organization."

andre-ribeiroAndré Ribeiro
Master's student at ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics & Management

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