Results of Our Survey ‘Foresight Best Practices’ Are In!


This survey was open for answers in February 2020. We received inputs from Belgium, Finland, France, GermanyJapan, and UK. Companies answering to the survey covered a wide range of industries from automotive to healthcare, from logistics to media. 

The main goals of this survey were to explore differences between organizations that are satisfied with their work on foresight and the ones that are not that satisfied. Which activities have the highest impact on our respondents being satisfied with the work? Can we identify different sets of activities that seem to contribute the most?

 In short, we found dramatic differences between the satisfied and the not-so-satisfied ones. For one, systematic working patterns obviously contribute a lot to overall satisfaction, but there’s a lot more details to be explored here!

 Just send me an email and I’ll send you the summary report! In case you then wish to have even a deeper discussion about the results, just please let me know.


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