Foresight as part of strategic management

Summary of Our Survey ‘Foresight as Part of Strategic Management’ is Available!


This survey was open for answers during early 2019 and got answers from all over the world: e.g. Finland, Germany, Australia and UK, just to name a few. Companies answering to the survey covered a wide range of industries from automotive to healthcare. Nearly 50 % of responses came from companies sized over 250 employees.

In this survey we asked questions like: How are companies preparing for futures, and who takes part in such work? What sources of information are being used? How about giving inputs to innovation work?

Find out what we discovered…and trust me, there are some surprising results, as well…

Just send me an email and I’ll send you the summary report! And in case you wish to have a deeper discussion about the results, or about ways of working with futures information, just please let me know.

Future is created together!

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