Strategic Foresight is based on sense-making of trends.

Futures are what you make of them

FIBRES can be your organization’s best friend for strategic foresight and for identifying new opportunities. A hybrid foresight tool that connects artificial intelligence with the human judgment for sense-making purposes. Challenge your organization’s views about the trends and their impacts. Find the next source of profit and growth.


Trend management and sense-making

Give your foresight work an extra push


  • you’ll have one place for all your trend data; opportunity for continuously engaging your network
  • you have the option of gaining world class curated trend data from our partners directly into FIBRES for inspiration
  • you can integrate with additional intelligent data sources such as web crawlers, internal or external databases
  • your organization will enjoy automated trend radar and trend network visualizations based on intelligent clustering and human assessment
  • support for all aspects of your foresight work is available, as our partners are happy to help with any and all points of view

TRENDONE GmbH’s content directly into FIBRES

Get the full set of categorised content delivered and continuously updated by TRENDONE’s network and analysts. The content can be used as one source of inspiration, idea generation, and strategic planning. With the database of 25 000 trends and examples of innovations, there is something to be discovered there! Contact us and we’ll tell you more about the future of discovery.

AI supported discovery for strategic foresight

What of That Hybrid Foresight, Really?

Yes, really. Our belief is that ‘hybrid foresight’ is something that comes from the combination of human judgement and the best of artificial intelligence. It will help managing textual trend and market data, giving discovery a new meaning.

Currently, we are taking our real first steps towards hybrid foresight. There are many interpretations of artificial intelligence, ours is quite a practical one.

The winning combination comes from, among others:

  • using human input for market observations, but also introducing platform-level integrations with intelligent trend and research databases, idea banks, and web crawlers for new input
  • combining automated semantic text analysis with human judgment for highly intelligent data clustering
  • building a system that learns from its users


What’s Next on the FIBRES Roadmap?

Our mission is to enable smart strategies. We do this by developing FIBRES into a platform that combines artificial intelligence and human judgment for sense-making of emerging trends, and for strategy outlining and execution.

To acquire new data for foresight and futures scenarios isn’t the problem – it’s the vast amount of data and the difficulty of knowing where to focus. This is where artificial intelligence can bring efficiency to making sense of it all.

smart strategies

Missing Something?

We are looking for customers and partners to join us on our journey into true hybrid foresight and smart strategies. We offer great benefits to committed ecosystem participants.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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