Version 2.2.8 | 14th of February, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Friend’s Day as we celebrate it in Finland.

Starting from the most visible first:

  • In the visualisations (Network and Radar) option to hide out any content that does not match a selected filter in Network and Radar
  • Also in visualisations, an option to filter out content that is linked to a Workspace, filtering option is available in the filter modals in Network, Radar, and also in Discover
  • User profile area layout change (moving the elements to different positions: picture and name information side by side, save + password change side by side, logout on the right corner of the area).
  • Home page showing max 10 cards in a carousel and ‘show more’ -call to action shown in the carousel default card (the last card shown on carousels).
  • In all list views, improved comment indicator on cards.  A highlighted symbol indicating new comments, a tool tip showing the number when hovering on top.
  • In Analyse-section, signals also included on the randomized content suggestions.
  • Showing “close the content” -button also after creating a new signal with a web clipper, or navigating to the platform via shared link (user will return to Discover (signal/ topic/ trend) or Workspace (workspace)).
  • Support hub also has a short introduction video now to the key elements of FIBRES.


Thanks for checking!


Version 2.2.7 | 30th of January, 2019

This time we fixed some bugs and did some little tweaks.


Version 2.2.5 | 21st of January, 2019

A few tweaks consisting of changes such as a new icon for Users -section and a simplified editing of Home Page carousel selection (choose what carousels you wish to see and edit them right next to each carousel).


Version 2.2.4 | 15th of January, 2019

Yay! The first release for this year is out!

  • The burger menu removed from desktop views, but still kept visible on mobile devices for navigation purposes.
  • Introducing the support hub on the top right corner on desktop views (a question mark). Behind the support hub, users can find the ‘Add to FIBRES’ web clipper button and ‘About’-section among others.
  • Workspaces and Users have now a more prominent location on the top navigation also.
  • The Network has an option to hide unselected content. This is good when wanting to focus on just certain trends, in other words when wanting to view just one trend and its immediate linkages made by users or the underlying linkages.
  • Filtering by text in Network and Radar is also now possible! A filter can be found in the filter pop-up. Use search words to narrow down interesting content.
  • A hideable preview in all views where content are listed (like Home Page, Discover, Analyse…). The preview stays hidden until a user decides to bring it visible again by pressing the same “arrow”.
  • Users can add and update their own profile picture via ‘Users’. The loaded picture, name and email address are shown throughout the software in content views, previews and list views. This is the same place where you’ll find logout and changing of password also.
  • While adding a link between content (for example Signal Cluster to a Trend) the shows all the available content and shows them in newest first -order.
  • Users can now add sources and links between different workspaces.
  • Users that have full collaboration rights on a given workspace can now also edit a linked private content.
  • Finally, enjoy simple statistics on Home Page carousels – get a quick idea what’s new.


That’s it for now! Keep posted for next release!

Version 2.2.3 – hotfix | 13th of December, 2018

Squashed a few bugs and introduced few minor layout changes.

  • The preview button for a content is a bit smaller now in size and therefor visually bit more pleasing to watch and press.
  •  In a content’s view, the symbol for showing the impact assessment of regions has more coherent look and feel when it comes to colouring.


  • Attachments with special characters were not always treated so well by FIBRES. Now it’s possible to load an attachment with letters also like ä or ö and such.


Version 2.2.2 | 29th of November, 2018

What’s new
  • Remodelled way of placing of one the most popular and liked features in our software – the web clipper. Find the installing “button” now directly from ‘Create’ / ‘From web’. If you haven’t tried the web clipper yet, please do so! Just drag and drop it to your web browser’s bookmark toolbar and add new content with a few clicks!
  • Workspaces have now better visibility – find Workspaces now from top navigation. See all your workspaces in a simple list view! You can still navigate to workspaces from the home page carousel view also!
  • Tweaks on the content page just to make it look bit nicer. Attachments are now next to sources for example.
  • Tooltips in content page, for functions such as share, follow, archive and delete.
  • Filtering options in ‘Advanced’ are now “and” choices. Include your own content or followed items when searching interesting trends on your platform.
  • Clearer notifications for users, for example, when following or un-following a content, notification is shown what’s expected next.
  • Home page with smaller cards, so you’ll see more at one glance!
  • Radar-visualisation has new labels for the axis.
Bug fixes
  • Our lovely comment indicator seemed to gone for a holiday for while. Now it’s back. If you have chosen on content to follow, and someone adds comments to them, you’ll see a green comment indicator and an amount of new comments. 






Version 2.2.1 | 9th of November, 2018

What’s new:
  • This update brings a new option for filtering content with the ‘owner’ information. You’ll find it in all filtering options (Discover, Network, Radar).
  • Workspaces can now also have attachments and article images. A handy way to give the private workspace more liveliness!
  • Click the comment indicator on any content that has that symbol, it will open the content directly and in mobile views, you’ll be redirected straight to the discussion.


Other tweaks:


  • When archiving or restoring the archived content, the content page stays open.
  • Layout tweaks and fixes, such as: more coherent loading indicators throughout the platform, better notifications for users when archiving or restoring content, new “logo” for filtering option visual.


Spotted something odd? In a need of getting better guidance or a demo? Please get in touch! 



Version 2.2.0 | 31st of October 2018

What’s new:

  • Home page, the landing page right after login in has now the new look. With quick ways to see what’s new and taking a “dive” into the content is more inviting.
  • Discover and Analyse – sections had a little face-lift also: card size depends on what the content is (a trend is bigger visually than a signal) and the layout for search functions is simplified. Same functions remain, but tag search and anything that filters the content, is under the same selection window.
  • Each content page has a new, open layout to all of the information related to it. Easily scroll through description, assessments, linkages and such.
  • Re-naming the sections in the navigation bar, all with familiar content, but with renewed names. 😉
  • Adding tags for a content had a re-vamp also. Listing of tags, selecting them from suggested, adding new or removing any from a content has a more comprehensive function. Suggestions are derived from the description of tags.
  • User who adds new content to FIBRES is automatically a follower for that content. To receive notifications on changes on followed content, see under ‘Profile’ that the “receive content update newsletter” trigger is on.
  • Introducing the archived and delete functions for all users with editing rights:
    • Depending on the user rights, content can be archived and deleted. Previously archived content was visible only for admin users, but now everyone with editing rights can access them.
    • Deletion is now also a permanent function. Once an item is deleted it cannot be restored. Not to worry, the delete function does have a warning for users stating that the deletion is final.


Here is a quick video on some of the changes.









Version 2.1.16 – hotfix 1 | 24th of September 2018


Whoops, found a little too persistent content preview, especially if browsing content with mobile devices. This is now fixed and if you click any content in FIBRES for a preview, then “open full content” – you won’t be stuck with the preview window anymore.



Version 2.1.16 | 12th of September 2018


What’s new


  • On “Foresight”, choose any trend on your map and see the immediate and underlying linkages highlighted. This of course works the best when there are numerous trends and signals linked to them.
  • The selected trend/ signal cluster is highlighted with colour and with a pulse effect on Foresight and Insight.
  • A new “not assessed yet” filtering option is now available for those who want to search all the content that has no classification given. You’ll find the filtering option from Discovery, Foresight and Insight -sections.
  • Add new content from web and get more content extracted when using the “web-clipper” and with the “create” -button. You’ll get more content extracted now, instead of a few lines.
  • Linking of a private item does not show up on other content’s log anymore . (It used to show that a private item was linked.)
  • The newsletter on followed items is triggered now with also when new links have been added. The newsletter for unseen changes includes all changes that have been done for the content itself (like editing description or commenting).




  • Export to PowerPoint fix
  • Content preview fix
  • Use of ‘Follow’ -button is more smooth now. Un-follow a content with single click, instead double.


A quick overview of the most visible changes:










Version 2.1.15 | 21st of August 2018


What’s new


  • The Discovery search remembers the point where the user was scrolling down the list. Opening an item and then returning to the list/ search results brings the user back to the point where she left.
  • New compliance text highlighted while manually creating a new content from an image.
  • The underlying linkages configuration is changed from ten to two. This offers a better highlighting of the underlying linkages between different trends on the network visualisation. (The underlying linkage = signal that connects to different trends.)
  • On-screen zooming and panning options for the two visualisations (the network and the radar). Users have now a few more tools to navigate around them.




  • For now, we have returned to a previous version of showing the web-clipper installation button on the home page (drag and drop to the bookmark toolbar).
  • Fix for the in-app feedback button (visible on all screens).




Version 2.1.14 | 31st of July 2018


What’s new
  • Changing the content type of an individual item is now possible (from a signal cluster into a trend, for example)! When you are in the detail view of a given content item, just click on the content type indicator (Signal / Signal Cluster / Trend) to see your options.
  • Usability improvements within selected “call to action” fields (content linking and suggestion buttons in the Discovery section, new empty headline text guidances, improved wording for sorting options, etc.)
  • The Analysis section has now been hidden for Trend Scout users (like already was for Read Only users).
  • The quality criteria of a minimum three (3) words content headline for a content item has been changed into a minimum one (1) word headline
  • The copyright text in the About & Support has been updated to highlight changing of our company name from Necorpoint Ltd into FIBRES Online Ltd.
  • A user can now see public content linked to a private signal cluster within a workspace where she is invited as a collaborator (earlier the visibility was too limited due to an overly strict user rights management setup).
  • Improved performance for storing a suggested linkage.



Version 2.1.13 | 5th of July 2018


  • Legend for Trend Network
  • Filters for the visualizations
  • A more consistent way of grouping content throughout FIBRES




Version 2.1.12 | 20th of June 2018


A few bugs fixed.




Version 2.1.11 | 17th of May 2018




  • Analysis-section has now a better and more randomized introduction between potential new links between content.
  • In Discovery-section a loading symbol was showing as double while using ‘suggest grouping’ -function.
  • For administrators, some more informative messages and default texts on the invitations sent for new users.



Version 2.1.10 | 13th of April 2018




  • As an invited collaborator for a workspace, users can now add new linkages via ‘Discovery’-section and ‘Group Selected’ -function. Notice that the collaborator in the workspace must be invited with ‘full access’ rights to be able to add or remove any new linkages. Where to find workspaces? They are on your FIBRES home page.
  • Previously, in some cases, the article image did not show up correctly if a new trend or signal was created from a web source. In this case, an “empty article image” was shown. Now those ghostly, empty spaces are no more, instead, it shows clearly that there is no image and a new one can be added.
  • Finally, some performance fixes for IE browser and the storing of cache.




Version 2.1.9 | 6th of April 2018


This time we concentrated on fixing and fine-tuning a few elements like:


  • On the home page, ‘Newest’ -content is pointing now to new and just created content, excluding content that has been updated. (If wanting to see the latest changes or updates, choose the ‘Latest updates’ -sorting option on Discovery.)
  • Discovery view dropped the selected tags when navigating away and back to Discovery. Now the tags stay selected until a user removes them as search criteria.
  • Tag suggestions show up now also to content while it’s been created. For example, if a user adds another trend and writes the description, tags are suggested immediately.
  • When adding another content (a trend for example) to a workspace, the changelog is shown now only as ‘added to workspace’ or ‘removed from workspace’.
  • Further performance tweaks for Discovery-section, especially while using search functions.




Version 2.1.8 | 26th of March 2018


What’s new


  • Refreshed way of filtering and sorting the content in the Discovery-section. All filtering options are now behind one button, choose to view only signals with specific values, for example. Sort the list in the order of your liking, like by the discussed topics if you wish to see what other users are talking about.
  • While assessing any of the signals or trends, you might notice that the ‘Impacted Areas’ -name is now called ‘Impacted Regions’.
  • Some other minor text changes to make the using of the app more fluent: on home page ‘Your Workspaces’ is called now ‘My Workspaces’ for example.
  • Teenyweeny layout changes to the PowerPoint -export too, like placing the logo and original sources.




  • The scrolling of the list in Discovery wasn’t as fluent as it could be. In some cases, the list appeared to jam with ‘loading’ -symbol. This is now fixed and the scrolling should be nice and fluent!
  • Lost the address of the login page of FIBRES and tried to use the old registration link? No worries, it will now divert you to the login page.





Version 2.1.7 | 13th of March 2018


What’s new


  • More inviting layout for the front page. Now users can see the most recent, own followed items and discussed topics easier, just click and view! Clicking the link on top of each box will take users to Discovery-section’s view accordingly.
  • On the home page, notice that Workspaces are now visible in their own box. Add new or open any existing ones.  Workspaces are private and users can invite other FIBRES-users to join.
  • A better context-preserving preview for content drill-down. Users can open up any content, then open another linked content from the sub-view with linked signals clusters or trends. No need to use browser’s back button, instead use the little ‘x’ in the corner to return one step back. For example, open a trend and drill-down to view a linked signal, and then doubling back to view the trend you started with.
  • A new section in top navigation for ‘Insights’ – here you’ll find the TrendRadar –visualization for handpicked trends. From now on, ‘Foresight’-section has the network map with all the trends and signals clusters.
  • More intuitive flow new content creation via ‘Create’ button. Use web-address to create any kind of content, for example, not just signals. Add new trend based on a picture or start a new workspace for discussion. (Please notice that the web clipper is still used for creating signals only.)
  • Grouping of content enables users now to add chosen content into an existing one or to create a new one. This can be done in Discovery-section, first by choosing any content and then choosing the content type.
  • Hidden views in Discovery-section: ‘Improvement Needed’ and ‘Linkages Needed’ are currently hidden. We are working on building more comprehensive tools for analyzing the quality of content for power users needs.
  • In Analysis-section the ‘Create links’ -button is now more prominent and consistent with the same look and feel than other grouping or linking features in the application.
  • In a content item, we changed the icons for ‘follow content’ and ‘download content to a PowerPoint’. Hopefully, these will be a bit more intuitive than the previous ones!
  • Last but not least, a separate ‘home’-button for navigating back to the Front Page.




Version 2.1.6 | 8th of February 2018




  • A fix for Analysis-section’s performance, most visible with IE and Edge -browsers (slowness on reactions).




Version 2.1.5 | 29th of January 2018


What’s new


  • Analysis-section rework and visibility
  • Optimize new content creation (create from web-article, image or blank)
  • Link content to an existing Workspace from Content Item view
  • Content Item ppt export to PowerPoint
  • Better highlighting of selected Trend under Foresight (when switching between Radar & Network)
  • Trello export – import capability to FIBRES
  • Capability to show Instance-specific notifications
  • Enable Analysis-section visibility for all
  • Change the Analysis-section visibility to be ‘Enabled’ by default for all new instances
  • Analysis-section description on the Front Page
  • About-section web link updates




  • Creating a ‘content from web address’ creates them all as signals instead of trends or signal clusters




Version 2.1.4 | 19th of December 2017


What’s new


  • Usability improvement for web clipper function on the Front Page (how to add the web clipper for desktop use)
  • Change history’s layout and functional tweaks: edit/ delete functions changed to inline icons, display changes of related content (add, remove) as change history logs, and change history entries stylized different from comments (please notice that some older comments and logs will display visually a bit different)
  • Improve splitting of words in content item cards
  • For About-page: Powered by FIBRES added




  • Fixes for Discovery view scrolling with IE
  • IE layout fix for showing the card icons
  • Extra space between change history items in content comment tab
  • Pictures visibility in ‘linked content’ sub-view fixed.




Version 2.1.3 | 23rd of November 2017


What’s new, aka. improvements


  • Improved workspace title placeholder for new workspaces
  • Sender address of emails from Fibres changed to ‘no-reply’




  • IE11 support fixes for Trend Network -visualisation
  • IE11 support fixes for workspace collaborator invitations
  • Trend edit view fix, not to show deleted signals and clusters
  • Followed items list to update item immediately that are marked as ‘followed’ in the newest items list
  • Fix for suggested tag drop-down in Discovery-view
  • Searching for suggested linked content in workspace with full access rights gave a ‘suggestion search failed’ error
  • Cannot upload new article image for content originated from external sources
  • Release notes link re-direction from About-section
  • Admin-user right improvements in workspace
  • Workspace notification for other users when someone accepts the invitation
  • Info text fix in front page and profile view



Version 2.1.2 | 23rd of October 2017




  • Fix for duplicate check with items with special characters in the title




Version 2.1.1 | 18th of October 2017




  • A little fix in the invitation functionality




Version 2.1 | 17th of October 2017


What’s new


  • a web clipper for a faster way of storing interesting articles or signals of change (optimized for desktop, and for newer versions of browsers such as Firefox, Safari, IE11 and Chrome)
  • duplicate check for any new content, based on the title and source
  • simple quality gate functions for new signals, this also gives a bit of a gamification effects 😉
  • autosuggestions for content proximity and relations, like what signals  could be grouped together
  • suggested tags and automatic tagging for new signals, based on the keyword density
  • introducing a simple statistics view on the Front Page (how many views on items etc.)




  • the old ‘Analysis’ -section is gone for a break. Not to worry, we’ll introduce it later with more thorough features!
  • ta quicker loading and depicting of relations in the visualisations




  • no separate bug fixes to report of




Version 2.0.1 | 3rd of August 2017




  • menu fix for IE11 and Edge (layout)




Version 2.0 | 1st of August 2017


What’s new


  • a renewed concept for foresight and to find new opportunities among trends
  • new navigation
  • automated trend visualisations, other focusing on showing the all the trends you have in your FIBRES, and the other for showing the analysed trends on a radar view
  • other new features such as, grouping of signals and the use of private workspaces
  • the possibility to integrate with external (or internal) data sources (such as idea banks, trend research)




  • in strategic roadmap: point the owner for each strategic target or step
  • throughout the software: in-place editing, for quicker writing and editing of any content




  • updates for MongoDB


We have a steady development pace, next eyes are on…

  • more engaging ways of working with content
  • updates to the visualisation
  • more intelligence to assist the human users 🙂


In case you wish to hear more about our development roadmap, don’t hesitate to contact us!