Getting Closer! Choose Your Plan.

All plans include

  • Full feature set. All pricing plans include the same version of FIBRES.
  • Unlimited support. We believe FIBRES is so easy to use, you won’t be needing extra training or support anyways!
  • Free cancellation at any time. We don’t take hostages: there are no long-term cancellation policies, and for paid subscriptions we’ll even do our best to export all your content in another format for your later use, should you so choose.


Tailoring and special pricing options, upon discussion

  • Several parallel instances (e.g. for consultancies)
  • On-premise or private cloud installation
  • Customer-specific data integrations (internal data sources)
  • Other customer-specific integrations (active directory, single-sign-on, etc.)
  • Customer-specific visuals
  • Navigation changes (e.g. removal of unnecessary navigation sections)
We offer very reasonable pricing options, please ask for demos and quotes!


Optional trend tracking content, and supporting services, upon discussion

  • World-class curated trend data, delivered by our partners directly into your FIBRES
  • Your suggestions for integrations to external data sources or signal spotting networks
  • Trend tracking and foresight coaching
  • Ramp-ups of foresight work processes
  • Strategy work facilitation
  • Strategic consultancy
  • …something else? Let’s talk!


Try the single user free version, or get FIBRES for a larger group right away. We have plans starting for a minimum of 10 users.

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