We Are Hiring!

We are building the perfect strategy platform, and seeking to grow our business into a 100 million EUR turnover range during the following years. Want to be a part of our future?


We are seeking you to take a leading role in our future SW development!


Location: Helsinki, Finland

Actually, we are looking for two individuals to leading roles (lead architect and lead designer). We’ll of course reconsider if you think you can handle all this in one person…bearing in mind that we still expect you also to work hands-on in a lead developer position:

Lead Architect: your responsibility lies with the overall architecture design and technology selections.

Lead Designer: your main job is about UI/UX (Service) design.


FIBRES runs on a distributed, modern cloud architecture and we seek only to use the best technologies available. Thus, the Lead Architect’s “must-have” know-how and real experience includes at least the following:

  • cloud/SaaS architectures
  • working with AWS
  • continuous integration / continuous delivery solutions
  • RESTful APIs
  • Node.js
  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB)


In turn, the Lead Designer’s role and expected experience covers the following:

  • research and analysis of key user audiences, their domains, processes, and needs
  • iterative concept creation and design with the team and customers (prototyping, benchmarking, story mapping, etc.)
  • developing a design framework / pattern library
  • designing interactive visualizations and user interfaces to analysis services and AI
  • usability testing, metrics, interviews, A/B testing, analytics


Finally, for web / SaaS frontend development we expect:

  • user interface implementation with Angular (or similar), SCSS, D3, etc.
  • cucumber-style automated end-to-end testing
  • again, working in a clean SaaS architecture with RESTful APIs



Then, there’s some additional stuff that might be of interest to you as well..:

First, we are really, really keen on the high usability of our software in all aspects.

Second, some of our current and upcoming customers are among the biggest corporations in the world. This is pretty cool of course, as you get to work with them directly also. In practical terms, this sometimes leads to customer-specific integrations and even on-premise deployments of FIBRES. Also, even at the moment we are co-operating with some of our customers’ UX labs for improved usability and so on.

Third, we are building an AI-assisted SW and even a platform business model. In technology terms, this leads to e.g. a lot of hard-core analytics tech integrations, advanced recommendation engines, and so on. On another note, it also involves growing an ecosystem to work on our SW platform, perhaps later even offering SDKs to the community…


Now, having said all that, we’d of course highly appreciate your “nice-to-have” experiences such as:

  • experience on IdM solutions and application integration
  • experience on IaC (infrastructure as code) (Terraform/CloudFormation)
  • experience on FaaS (Function as a service) solutions
  • you name it…?

How to apply? Simply just reach out to us!


The quickest way to get moving is to talk directly with our CEO, Panu Kause +358 40 838 4603.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland.

Let’s make future happen!

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