How to install and use the Web Clipper

Use the Web Clipper to add copies of web articles into your FIBRES Account.

What is the Web Clipper?

The Web Clipper is a piece of Javascript code added into your browser as a bookmark.  Once clicked, the Web Clipper saves the article you are currently viewing into FIBRES, including its title, content, image, source, and some additional metadata.

How to install the Web Clipper

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of FIBRES and open the dropdown Menu.
  2. Click Install Web Clipper. A popup window with some instructions opens.
  3. Drag and drop the Add to FIBRES button into the favorites bar of your browser.


How to show the favorites or bookmarks bar

To install the Web Clipper, your favorites or bookmarks bar has to be visible.

On Chrome

  1. Click View
  2.  Click Always Show Bookmark Bar

On Safari

  1. Click View
  2.  Click Show Favourites Bar

On Firefox

  1. Click View
  2. Hover over Toolbars
  3. Hover over Bookmarks Toolbar
  4. Click Always Show

On New Edge

  1. Click View
  2. Click Always show Favourites Bar

How to use the Web Clipper

Using the Web Clipper is easy. When you find an interesting news article, simply click on the Add to FIBRES bookmark. 


The Web Clipper saves the news article as a Signal in your FIBRES Account. You can then assess the Signal under Position on Radar, link your Signal with other content under Linked Content, or find related content suggested by FIBRES under AI Picks.



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