How to make the most out of Hypersearch

Find completely new content on topics that interest you with Hypersearch.

How to use Hypersearch

  1. Click 🔍 in the top right corner of FIBRES.
  2. Enter your keyword(s).Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 12.56.06

Hypersearch searches for content and contributors already in your FIBRES Account, as well as content you may want to add to your FIBRES Account.

  • Experts
  • Best matching Collections
  • Best matching Megatrends
  • Best matching Trends
  • Best matching Signal Clusters
  • Best matching Signals
  • MAPEGY Powerup*

*) If you have these data sources enable for your FIBRES Account.

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How does Hypersearch differ from the searches in Discover and Collect?

Discover lets you search and filter for Signals, Signal Clusters, Trends, and Megatrends already in your FIBRES Account. Collect lets you search Collections.

With Hypersearch, you can quickly locate users and content anywhere in your FIBRES Account. It can also be used for finding completely new inputs from the outer world.

Hypersearch is not giving me many results. Why?

Hypersearch is just as powerful as the content created by your team, and the automated data sources active in your FIBRES Account.

If you want to experience the full power of Hypersearch, contact us to get a free trial of FIBRESEED, which is guaranteed to find something interesting to almost any query.

FIBRESEED sources content from trusted sources in the open web, aiming also to bring in alternative points of view related to your queries.

How do I add FIBRESEED content into my Account?

When you find something interesting with FIBRESEED, there are two ways to add it into your FIBRES Account.

With the Web Clipper

  1.  Click the FIBRESEED article to open it in its original source.
  2.  Use the Web Clipper to save a copy of the article into FIBRES.
  3. The article is saved as a Signal in your FIBRES Account.

Within Hypersearch

  1. Click VIEW ALL > next to the FIBRESEED articles
  2. Select the FIBRESEED article(s) you wish to add to FIBRES.
  3. Click Import to FIBRES.
  4. The articles(s) are saved as Signals in your FIBRES Account.


Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 12.49.24


Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 12.46.08


Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 12.47.57

How does Hypersearch identify experts?

In addition to content results, Hypersearch lists up to five Experts related to your query. These are other users in your FIBRES Account who are owners of matching Collections, Megatrends, Trends, or Signal Clusters.

If you are using FIBRES in a collaborative fashion, with hundreds or even thousands of contributors, Hypersearch will help you locate the right people in your organization around a given topic.

Hypersearch + FIBRESEED = scouting shortcut
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